Objects around the birth and death of Jesus

Nederlands: Sinterklaas tijdens het Het Feest ...

Saint Nicholas – Sinterklaas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the end of the year people do like the many traditions. Often they do not think about the value of their actions and such feasts. From September onwards in the shops they try to bring people into temptation buying things for the many celebrations, like Halloween, Saint-Nicholas, Christmas and New Year. In certain supermarkets Thanksgiving also receives some place.

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

Santa Claus with a little girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The accent mostly lies on the consuming part, though they have posters hanging up from early December about the “Reason of the season”, but in it no mentioning about Jesus. Not that we would like that they say that Jesus is the reason for Christmas, because the birthday of the goddess of light has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ, Jeshua the Messiah, who was born in 4 BCE October 17. You can wonder why those who say they celebrate the birthday of the”lord” do not celebrate it on his real birthday?


Christians better should give more attention to the real facts, the historical facts instead of the traditions. We do not have any objections to Holidays, holy days and traditions but would like to see that the Christian person considers what is right in the eyes of God and what is not justified to take part into. Those who call themselves Christian should better investigate their traditions more seriously, and compare them to what is written in the Bible about such activities. In Thanksgivukkah and Advent we go deeper into this facet of holding on certain activities and why it is important that we give attention on what we do and how we want to celebrate which days. We would like to see that much more Christians come to understand the importance of real holy days or days which have to be set apart.

Liar, Liar (song)

Liar, Liar (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Exodus 9: Liar Liar is mentioned how people fool themselves and keep telling lots of lies to have their celebrations and their fun. People do take it so far that they even do not mind to bring in their many lies into their Christian worshipping services, like Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, Saint Nicholas, Saint Maarten, Virgin Mother, Easter bunnies, Bells from Rome, etc.. With our article Autumn traditions for 2014 – 1: Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet we start looking at those many traditions and how they crept into the Christian religion and show how people came to believe such things as in I believe in you… having all their ideas focused on totally different things than religious or spiritual matters. For most people the focus is on outward appearances and not on the inner spirit. Several polls on the other hand let it shine out that perhaps many people got to believe many lies and show that they take them seriously. when you look at the Saint Nicholas madness in Holland and Belgium or the Christmas madness in certain Anglo Saxon countries you may question if lots of human beings still have a sound mind.

Though many Christians claim to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, they say God came onto the earth in a sort of incarnation and Santa Claus is the personification of that god who brings presents to all people. They say Jesus is the Light and they want to show his light with the stars and colourful lights in the trees, on the roofs and on the sledges. On the net we do find several writings where they compare Sancta Claus with God. A few years ago in Belgium parents did want to let their children believe that God’s Breath would take the ‘light’ with Him into heaven, and let wishing lanterns go up in the air to bring the wishes to God.


Many people do say they celebrate Christmas because they are happy to see God coming onto this world and they say the world is and should be looking for God and put their Only hope on Him. We do sincerely hope many people would be able to find God before it is too late !

These days lots of people say they have their eyes directed to the Saviour, the Messiah, given by God as the greatest present on earth. Yes, Jesus Christ, Jeshua the son of Joseph and Mary (Miriam) from the tribe of king David, born in Bethlehem and brought up in Nazareth, is God’s Special Gift.

After the Advent which many consider a season of penance, and of “preparation by the Faithful for the spiritual joy of Christmas”. We can find more and more pagan elements being introduced in several churches. To admonish their parishioners to lift their hearts to God and to “trust in Him Who is to free us from our sins” several churches bring in colours in the clothing and stage settings. In certain churches they even go so far to forbid marriages “during this season of penance, as in Lent, the solemn celebration of marriage, that is, with Nuptial Mass, etc., is forbidden”. {Advent & Christmas}

In previous years the cards send in this season to non-Christian friends were for many a means of causing them to make inquiries in regard to the so called real meaning of Christmas.{Advent & Christmas} But did those believers ever question the historicity of their season? 

File:ChristmasTree ElyCathedral.jpg

Christmas tree in Ely Cathedral – 2008 Iceflow

They say Christmas derives its name, “Christ’s Mass,” from the Mass offered in honour of the Birth of Christ. Its early English form was written as “Christes Maesse,” and in the course of the change of the English language it eventually became Christmas. But did they ever thought about the reason why it, in the earliest days of the Church, did not exist. By the Catholics greater stress was placed on the Feast of the Epiphany, because for them it commemorates the day on which their Saviour was made known to the Gentiles, when the Wise Men or magi, came to adore him. But even that feast was something not celebrated by the first Christians, because they followed Jesus his teaching, about which days to commemorate. They also had their Jewish feast or Jewish holy days. They were brought up with those Jewish traditions. Also Jesus kept to those Jewish holy days and the Law of God as written down by Moses. Jesus made it very clear on the night on which he was going to be delivered over by his betrayer. The days that they were remembering the exodus, a day we should never forget according to the wish of God, Jesus also asked to remember that he took the bread and wine as symbols of the New Covenant. That was the moment or day we always should remember, according to the wish of Jesus Christ and according to the Will of His heavenly Father. As such 14 Nisan is the most important day we should keep holy or set apart.


Threeheaded god of paganismWhen we look at the history,we see many changes of name giving and of celebrating. Jeshua his name (יהושע {Jeshua}) was changed to Issou or Jesus, which means Hail Zeus, because the Roman rulers wanted the Christian God to be equal and similar with the Greek and Roman gods, plus have their feast on the same days. From the 4th century we see the introduction of the three gods or a three-headed god, which became the Holy Trinity in one of the fastest growing religions, Christendom. Also the Feast of the Nativity came gradually into existence in the fourth century. Its first mention is made by the great Christian writer, Clement of Alexandria, born Titus Flavius Clemens, about the year 200, and shows that it was celebrated on May 20. About the year 300, the Latin Church began to observe it on December 25, because Jesus was called the “light of the world” and as such should be celebrated on the birthday of the goddess of light, being the god of light. In this way not on the real date of the Birth of our Saviour, the Roman Catholic Church presented the most important Holy Day. In later centuries many other pagan rituals were introduced and the scenery became adapted to Western Europe. The child itself also was changed of skin, because the god could not be a coloured man like Jeshua (Jesus Christ) was.

Like many distortion of historical facts, birthday of Jeshua, the Nazarene Jesus, his descent or origin, the way he died, got flawed by artistic presentations. The most successful, if you can call it that, was the presentation of the torture tool on which Jesus died. In the Renaissance the cross beam, or cross became the popular presentation for Jesus his death.

Gunnar Samuelsson the Swedish theologian knows that his denial of the cross may break many people’s heart. The believing theologian sees Jesus as the Son of God but finds also that we can not escape or ignore what is really written  in the Bible and what it meant in its historical context.

But still today the majority does not want to accept what is really written in the Bible.They ignore all the sayings of Jesus and his Father about the person Jesus and do not want to take the words in the Bible like they are written, for example son, meaning “son”, or “wooden stake” being a piece of wood or an erect piece of a tree. Historically no such crossbeams were used yet at the time of Christ his death. That was only introduced much later.

Real Christians, being aware that we are coming closer to the end-times should be much  more aware of the necessity to come to the Truth, and to come to accept only that what happened really and what is presented in the Holy Scriptures, the infallible Word of God.


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