Three years ago and look back at several decennials ago

From Word Press I received the notice

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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

144 postings were placed, which is not much and there was not such a regularity, but on other Christadelphian sites people could find enough material to think about.

Having the Bijbelvorsers Vereniging or Bible Researchers Association and its Bijbelvorsers Webs Forums closing down the texts placed over there by me, will be replaced over here. I promise I will make more work of it to proceed with that republication and with adding comments and new articles.

This looks like a ‘New-year letter’ we, way back in time, read for our parents, grandparents, godfathers and godmothers. In all those years a lot has changed and people have gone far away from religious rites and godly believes. Our world after the horrible World Wars looks to have developed marvellously. Much more people have gained a lot more comfort and are now already living in peace, for several decennial. The political peace did not bring economical peace for all, nor peace for the mind.

Several people saw dis-rupture of an other kind in their family. In Belgium the majority of families were of Roman Catholic origin, but socialism and atheism won terrain and today there are not really many believers in god any more in our regions. A few years ago it was even so bad that the RomanCatholicchurch decided to bring in missionaries from Africa, whilst Belgium had in the previous centuries foreseen in missionaries to the Belgian colonies in Africa.

From 1960 onwards the Roman Catholic church went in defence against evangelicalChristians and did everything to get people away from any connection with people who preached the Name of God. It even became so bad that they started to take away the NameJehovah out of their own literature.

The Americans had done a lot to liberate us from Nazi Germany, but after that liberation for some good economical reason also placed their factories here getting cheap labour, and tried to get some more American lifestyle in the Belgian household. The little screen was a big help to succeed in that. American culture influenced the European culture and some American Unions tried to have a stronger hold in Europe. The church could not escape and for the non-trinitarian Baptists it became more and more difficult to keep their unitarian feeling going strong. Adding the Roman Catholics with the Charismatic Catholic Church going against the two biggest preaching groups, the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormon church, many others did not dare to go out any more, facing strong debates with onlookers. After some years it were only the Jehovah Witnesses who went from door to door and from the 21st century they also became less in view.

Just before the beginning of the 21st century it looked like the Free Christians and the Church of God, two Unitarian church-groups could get some more people. The last group mainly also by the television work. But having the Church of God overprotecting itself it seems to diminished and out of the running for the Belgian public. In Holland they perhaps may get some attention.

BADR-moskee in Hasselt

BADR-moskee in Hasselt

For sure the last few years we saw the Muslimculture and faith rising up like weed. Many different Islamic groups started garage mosques and those connected with the Muslim Council [l’Organe Représentatif du Culte Musulman en Belgique (ORCMB)] had enough money provided by the government to have their paid imam and official mosques. In Holland even Catholic churches were turned over into mosques.

The Christian faith came in a desolate dessert where you can look for miles and miles not seeing a very motivated Christian. Perhaps this site has stayed too long a hop-o’-my-thumb and after its three years has to get out of the stadium of the little nipper, growing from tot to toddler. Soon the kiddy steps have to find a way in the not-interested country of Belgium and hopefully shall be able to reach some more people on the internet worldwide.

In its three years of existence this blog could only reach 7 002 views in total, of which 1 450 views from Belgium, 1 948 from the Netherlands, 191 from the United Kingdom and 2 116 from the United States of America. At fault could naturally be that there were not enough posting on it, because I spend more time in replying to articles on other sites. Therefore this, in the future, shall have to change and my best will be done to get some more articles published here and at the two lifestyle magazines Stepping Toes and From Guestwriters were I also previously placed some articles. Those WordPress articles which I find interesting for others to read I do present on either Stepping Toes or From Guestwriters depending the content.

In this time of ungodliness and coming closer to the end-times the task Jesus has given his followers has to be followed up more closely and those who call themselves Christian should do more what their master asked from them, going out to preach the Gospel of the Good News. This I mainly did practicably outdoors, but perhaps such outdoor preaching does not have such response as on the internet, because people do not want to be seen talking with some Christian or have no time to go deeper in the matter. at home before their computer screen they can take whatever time they want and are not noticed by others what they are looking at.

Hopefully more people shall be able to be reached.

Thanking you for coming along and reading these writings. I invite you to come back and to look at other sites mentioned on this site.

Good luck and God bless.


Flemish version: Drie jaren en terugkijkend op meerdere decennia


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