How can we prepare for the Kingdom of God

The article “Preparing for the Kingdom” may have received from its day of publication on 2010 July 5 until 2014 December 30 396 views on Bijbelvorsers, Vereniging voor Bijbelstudie, and maybe may fetch more views on the republication on the WordPress site, but that will not mean more people will be able to prepare themselves in the right way for the Kingdom of God.

When we were born on this earth we had to learn everything (from the past and from experience and in other ways by different learning-processes). To do that we had to use our brains and learn from what we got offered to us by others and by experiences we underwent. All our life is a sort of learning process whereby we do have to make choices, have to analyse matters and have to place them to make conclusions.

We do have to look at our world today and remember what happened in the past. By our knowledge from the past we should be able to avoid certain things to happen in the future, because we should have learned from what happened in the past. Happy is the person who knows what to remember of the past. We always have to move forward, not standing still and being sure that we leave the bad things experienced behind, but learn from them. Whatever bad experience we may have encountered we should try to turn it over to the good of us  and to the good of others, being able to help them in similar circumstances.

In us we should get a readiness or alertness to act right with the knowledge  we accumulated in the past. The stored knowledge should be used to make ourselves better and to help others to become better as well.

In the past lots of things happened but there were also given lots promises to the world, by men as well by God, the divine Creator of heaven and earth.  Often we our selves had hopes for ourselves and made promises ourselves. Without the resulting preparation of heart and mind, they only resulted in disappointment.

When we look at all sorts of promises which were made by man and by God we can see that most of the promises made by God have become a reality, whilst most of promises made by men were not fulfilled.

You may say “Life isn’t a fairytale..” because it is not just a fancy trip to all the joy and fun of the world. This world offers a lot of difficulties and suffering. Though when we do know that those few promises which did not yet become a reality are still possible, we perhaps better put our hope on those ones instead of the many promises of human beings.

World War III (comics)

World War III (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Bible we are told of what is going to come. There are the less pleasant prospects of he enormous horrible battle, the third world war or Armageddon, but what comes after it may please us and attract many. These for ever changing moments are an event which should be regarded as something that may occur at any moment but for which we should be prepared. And it is now that we should prepare ourselves.

Mark 13:34-37 (Anderson)
34 As a man, going into another country, leaves his house, and gives authority to his servants, and to each one his own work, and commands the door-keeper to watch; 35 watch you therefore; for you know not when the master of the house comes, whether at evening, or at midnight, or at the crowing of the cock, or in the morning; 36 lest he come suddenly, and find you sleeping. 37 What I say to you, I say to all, Watch.

In whatever we are going to do in our life we should always, at every movement of the day, be ready to face death and to be ready for what might come to shake the world in its foundations. As we can see that all predictions about the time before the return of Christ Jesus have come into existence we should know that those about the times from the return of Jesus onwards also shall become a reality human beings shall have to face.

We do have to be prepared for when Jesus comes back. We also should know that it is an decisive element. That return is of crucial importance concerning the entrance in to the Kingdom of God.

In case we just wait until the moment will be there, we shall be too late. Jesus with his parables showed that the preparation is important. He not only talked about the sower and the seed, the soil of our hearts, but also about the maidens and those who had to prepare for their master, for the marriage, for the great feast, but they were not ready.

Shall we be ready?


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