A way to prepare for the Kingdom

Lots of people today are not at all interested in God, gods or something which may be there far in the future. They are mostly concerned with what they might gain at work and/or in their club. They love to collect as much money as possible and to be able to use it for the newest electronic things this world offers.

Some people are surprised by what is going on in the world and look for something better than this world. Some people may be amazed how God works in ways we don’t expect. and that we must confess, we often do not understand God’s Ways. Often we do not understand why we have to suffer so much; why there is so much pain and hate in this world.

Everyday we are confronted with all the violence that goes on in this world. In our own life we encounter many fights and many quarrels, many disagreements and many tears…..

The easiest thing would be to give up.

Though would that be of any help? Would it bring us further or would it bring the other person further? Those internal struggles are they standing in the way to get into a proper working relationship with those around you?

If we would spend half the energy we use in fighting with each other, to keep the relationship strong, then we will find the true value of the relationship and we shall find love.

That love is an important factor to be able to enter the Kingdom of God. In a certain way everything turns around love and having good relationships.

Without a good relationship with your neighbour it could well be possible that you shall not be able to enter the small gate of the Kingdom of God. The Owner of that Kingdom, namely, wants those, entering the gates of His Kingdom, be loving people who want to be in union with each other, like Jesus was united with his disciples and in union with his heavenly Father, the Only One God.

In this world there are many who are against God and many who like to quarrel with God. We do know that in this system of things disagreements, fights and quarrels will always be there. But we do know as well that there shall come an end to all those disputes. There shall come a time when people shall have to face the Truth of all things. After the Big Battle it shall be too late to change anything or to change coarse.

It is now in this day and age that people have to make the right decisions and have to go the right way.

To help them who are looking for the truth, Jesus and God, the Belgian Christadelphians created some new websites.
We opened this March 2016 a Weebly website “Relating to God” and countered it with its sibling on WordPress “Relating to God”-Blog.

Relating to God (weebly.com Christadelphian website) homepage on opening day 2016 March 9

Relating to God (weebly.com Christadelphian website) homepage on opening day 2016 March 9


Relating to God blog @ WordPress.com on openings-day 2016 March 9

Relating to God blog @ WordPress.com on openings-day 2016 March 9

Both websites are there to help people to look for and to find God plus to show them the right way to build up a good relationship with God, the Divine Creator, with Jeshua, Jesus Christ God’s son, and with the created elements around us (nature, animals and people).

All readers of this blog and searchers on the net are welcome to visit those sibling websites and hopefully we have something to share to come to a good relationship with each other and with God.

God bless,

Relating to God


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