Preparing for the Kingdom

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Whatever view we hold concerning the way the Second Coming of our Lord will occur, the great need is to be ready for Jesus his appearing. There can be no substitute for readiness or alertness, and knowledge of what is promised, without the resulting preparation of heart and mind, can only result in disappointment.

In whatever we are going to do, the preparation is important.

What we should be doing is to be cleaning the ground of our hearts, clearing from it everything that could be a hindrance to the growth of the seed, then fertilising it with study of God’s word in the scriptures, so that no trouble that arises can stop the seed of the word from growing.


English: Hitchcock's new and complete analysis...

Hitchcock’s new and complete analysis of the Holy Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we do not carefully dig out the weeds of worldliness, that will choke the new growth. It is not that when we try to study about this world that this would keep us away from more precious things. Not any learning has to keep you from learning the truth of God’s Word. When you have studied more, the divine Creator shall expect more from you and shall perhaps give you lesser excuses you did not find Him or did not find what His Words really said, because you wanted to give preference to human doctrines instead of Biblical doctrines. Unless we clear away the stones of false doctrines and of materialism, which prevent the seed from being able to put down a good root system, the seed of His word will wither and die in the first spiritual drought, because we are relying on material things to sustain us, not the word of the Lord.

In this ever changing world which is still so strongly connected with the system of this world many Christians have drifted far away from the Biblical teaching. There are even lots of Christians today who don’t know the Bible-stories. Lots of them even never did read the Holy Bible and many only go a few times to church, where they do not hear much read from the Bible. Bible study for many is something unknown and inexperienced. Lots of so called Christians do just rely on the preacher, when they go to a service, to teach them everything they need to know!

English: Christian Bible, rosary, and crucifix.

So called Christian symbols: Bible, rosary, and crucifix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Worse of all is that in Christendom we do find the majority of Christians following human doctrines. some of those doctrines may be already so established in Christian faith that the majority even think they are the cornerstones of Christendom. Others do want to go with their time (they think) and prefer to follow one of the many so-called fashionable “Christian” doctrines concentrating on a restricted view New Testament reading instead of obeying the “Old Testament God”.

The modern-day church, where they made Jesus in their god next to many other idols, people are more in love with the money they can make and the gadgets they can afford. But they also love a much free-er way of living they think the Bible would allow them to live.  They do not mind blending cordially with a society that supports a so called equality, free-will and even sin.

We do not have not be blind, to become aware how this world gets blinded for moral values and natural decent ethics. Many Christians drift with this world further from God to please the people. They do not want to know how this might be a very dangerous path to travel.

Christians having objects or people as their god should be aware what the many rebbe said. The greatest of those rebbe was rabbi Jeshua, better known under his false name (but now common name) Jesus, who came to tell more about his heavenly Father and His promise for better times. He warned people that in case they want to be liberated, free from all oppressors of this world, they had to obey the Only One True God, Christ his God, Who was also the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Jesus revealed the teachings of his heavenly Father and wanted the whole world to get to know the truth, because as soon as all over the world the preaching or witnessing would take place, then would come the time that God shall answer all who are waiting eagerly for those better times.

To prepare for the coming Kingdom of God we do need to make sure that first of all we worship the right Supreme Being. Secondly we should come in front of Him wanting to make an end to our previous sinful life. A cleaning of our heart, mind and souls, is necessary and demands action. That action should be taken voluntary, by your own choice. Thirdly you shall have to accept Christ Jesus also into your heart and accept him for who he is (the son of God and not a god son) and for what he has done (he died as a ransom for our sins).

To have a good relationship with Christ and with God we do need ourselves to clear from everything which is against the Will of God. We also should do away with everything that could be a hindrance to the growth of the seed planted in us, so that it does not linger or will not wither because our secularisation.

Too many Christians have built their faith on fallow ground and the glories of the revivals of the past and the history surrounding its particular denomination, or movement as some like to refer to their history

then fertilising it with study of God’s word in the scriptures, so that no trouble that arises can stop the seed of the word from growing.


Read the thoughts taken from a convention address given by our brother in 2006:

Preparing for the Kingdom An exhortation by Brother John Haines



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