A birthday passed nearly unnoticed

Two days ago it was in certain way a special day we would have loved to celebrate. But it passed before we knew it. Days were floating letting sun and moon exchange the night and days.

Normally on the religious part we would not celebrate other feasts than those God gave us to celebrate. The birthday of that one born 2020 years ago is by the Word of God not declared as a day to remember we commemorate. But in civic life we sometimes do want to remember special days, like days some one was born, went to the basic and other schools, got a degree, got a job, married, found a house or got somewhere to live, got children and so many occasions we like to place in our mind as something special.

On October 17, in 4 BCE it where shepherds and some wise man who saw the special signs and knew that this was a very special moment in history of mankind. that day was born a great shepherd. He was to become called Emmanuel and god. He was already spoken of for centuries. Many men of God had written down what God had said to them, so that people could come to see who that special figure would be, was and is.

Jan Brueghel (I) - Adam and Eve in the Garden ...

Jan Brueghel (I) – Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden – WGA03584 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That person born 2020 years ago came already in the picture at the beginning of times. Already to the first man and mannin (woman) God told them out of Eve many generations would come and out of an other woman a new man or 2nd Adam would come to deal with what they produced.

Adam and Eve were blessed by being placed in God’s Kingdom in His Royal garden. There they had everything they needed and could live in peace without any difficulties. No need to work, nothing to do against their wishes. Just a free peaceful carefree life.

Anglo-Saxon Adam and Eve from the Caedmon manu...

Anglo-Saxon Adam and Eve from the Caedmon manuscript, c. 950. The angel wears iconographic dress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But being made by the Divine Creator, the Most High Maker, they soon forgot what He had done for them and what He presented to them. In the first book of the Bible is written how Adam and Eve decided to follow their own ideas and to question God His position. In the story of the beginning of mankind we already come to hear about an opposer of God who showed up in the Garden of Eden. He is described as “the serpent,” but he was not a mere animal. The last book of the Bible identifies him as “the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” He is also called “the original serpent.”

3 Now the serpent+ proved to be the most cautious+ of all the wild beasts of the field that Jehovah God had made.+ So it began to say to the woman:+ “Is it really so that God said YOU must not eat from every tree of the garden?”+{Genesis 3:1 Reference Bible}

So down the great dragon+ was hurled, the original serpent,+ the one called Devil+ and Satan,+ who is misleading the entire inhabited earth;*+ he was hurled down to the earth,+ and his angels were hurled down with him.{Revelation 12:9 Reference Bible}

In her mind Eve allowed bad thoughts to take priority. She gave in to her thoughts and took fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In this way eating from the forbidden fruit she came to know good and evil, but became also part of a world where good and evil would be, because God drove her and her partner out of His garden.

22 And Jehovah God went on to say: “Here the man has become like one of us in knowing good and bad,+ and now in order that he may not put his hand out and actually take [fruit] also from the tree of life+ and eat and live to time indefinite,—”
23 With that Jehovah God* put him out of the garden of Eʹden+ to cultivate the ground from which he had been taken.+
24 And so he drove the man out and posted* at the east of the garden of Eʹden+ the cherubs+ and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life. {
Genesis 3:22 Genesis 3:24 Reference Bible}

Both received their punishment and came to hear that their act of rebellion against God would have serious consequences but that God would provide a solution against the curse of death which had come over them.

12 And the man went on to say: “The woman whom you gave to be* with me, she gave me [fruit] from the tree and so I ate.”+
13 With that Jehovah God said to the woman: “What is this you have done?” To this the woman replied: “The serpent—it deceived me and so I ate.”+
14 And Jehovah* God proceeded to say to the serpent:+ “Because you have done this thing, you are the cursed one out of all* the domestic animals and out of all the wild beasts of the field. Upon your belly you will go and dust is what you will eat* all the days of your life.+
15 And I+ shall put enmity+ between you+ and the woman+ and between your seed*+ and her seed.+ He*+ will bruise* you+ in the head+ and you+ will bruise him*+ in the heel.”+ {Genesis 3:12-15 Reference Bible}

Jehovah’s perfect sense of justice would not allow Him to put the rebels to death right away. He decided that time was needed to answer Eve her thoughts, taking adversary against her Maker. Such opposition the Bible calls satan or evil. Having  an adversary or satan’s challenge God wanted mankind to come to see that their idea of opposition or rebellion is wrong and wanted to prove that this devil is a liar and slanderer. So God determined that He would permit humans to rule themselves for some time under satan’s influence.  Man had to think about Eve and her companion their decision. Was it right for them to believe that Jehovah, who had given them everything they had, is a cruel liar?

The One God would sent to the earth, coming out of the woman, whose birthday we want to remember, is the one who showed clearly Who God is, What His honest Plan is form man and how man comes best under His Ruling. In God’s Plan is foreseen that those who believe in that sent one from God, there is a possibility to come to a restored relationship with the heavenly Father of that sent one, born so long ago and who died for us all.

That one born 2020 years ago got the authority from God to speak and act in His Name. He did wondrous things and showed people Who God really is and how we can come to God and be children of God, able to live again in God’s Kingdom. Let us not forget why this man was born and how he put his own will aside to fulfil the Will of his heavenly Father, the Only One True God. He showed to those around him that he was not a spirit, but a real being of flesh and blood, having given his body for the sins of all. It was him who paid the ransom-price God was willing to accept to have man liberated from the chain of the curse of death. By his death unending life entered again in mankind’s prospects.


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