Bijbelvorser Review of Five Years on WordPress

Bijbelvorsers Multiply 2010 June Homepage Nov. 16 16.0354 likes and 11 comments; 16 likes / 8 comments; 10 likes /3 comments; 14 likes / 9 comments; brought us with 38 likes and 85 comments in 2016 to “Five years of blogging on WordPress” after Multiply had stopped its services for many bloggers.

Bijbelvorsers Openingswoord Nov. 16 17.15Having being part of the Biblescholars Association Bijbelvorsers Vereniging the Belgian Association for Bible-study, the founder of of that group of Bible-researchers, Marcus Ampe, becoming frustrated by the diminishing of members by most of them to become to old or dying, not having enough new Bible Students connecting with the association, also seeing him only doing the practical work, ending the association, made us to publish some of the older writings for that group also on our own WordPress platform from 2015 to 2016.

Bijbelvorsers - about Nov. 14 11.41The first year on Word Press we managed to receive 710 views from 104 visitors, followed by 2 807 views from 1 195 visitors. In 2014 we got 1 780 views from 972 visitors. The 2 940 views in 2015, for only 33 new messages made us standing ashamed in front of 1 583 visitors, to whom we promised to be a little bit more active in 2016. This more activeness had as a result offering us 6 842 views from 4 433 visitors.

In 2016, 1 562 views came from the United States of America, 883 coming from the Netherlands, 725 from France, 554 from Belgium (the country I am living in).

Being mostly interested in matters around the Bible, the infallible Word of God, and in the historical aspects of the People of God, Jews and goyim, we are not surprised to find that the search terms ‘bible’  (425), ‘la bible’ (243), ‘holy bible’ (14), ‘bibles’ (8), ‘la bibles’ (5) ‘la bibe’ (4), ‘biblia’ (4), ‘bibel’ (4) with the ‘word of god’ (4) got on top.

Our first most viewed articles were

On March the 11th of 2016 Relating to God joined me to bring some writings specifically focused on the relationship between man and God. His opening article “A way to prepare for the Kingdom” also presented his Weebly website and his WordPress blog.

An other new voice in 2016 is the Guest-speaker, who next to his own platform From Guestwriters present some thoughts from others than me over here on this platform too.

This brought a.o. following interesting articles to my readers:

  1. A Jerusalem Synagogue Building from Jesus’ Time?
  2. Old synagogues buzzing with life
  3. Organizing the Bible and the Talmud
  4. Ancient Jewish scroll now legible

On the other hand I also contributed articles on the From Guestwriters site, to which I friendly invite you to come to read those as well.

  1. Vrede en de Dialoog
  2. Largest timber-framed building part of discussion about God’s actions
  3. Leaders in disguise
  4. Why are you afraid?
  5. Tribes Redux
  6. Let us being filled each day by the Word of God

Also for Stepping Toes I contributed some articles in 2016 which were an expression of fear for the future if we as human beings would not be careful and let those with a wild offensive voice do their trashing work.

  1. American Christianity no longer resembles its Founder
  2. A Progressive Call to Arms
  3. Objective views and not closing eyes for certain sayings
English: It is really a nice building. I took ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not wanting to bring a political blog, I could not resist to utter my warning voice for what is going on in one of the major states of the world. Nobody can ignore how some one with a destroying voice which rolled across anyone with its strip mill, unlooked for would get in the presidential seat of the United States of America, in 2017.

I could not resist to give my comment on the presidential election in the States and wrote a.o.

  1. Blinded crying blue murder having being made afraid by a bugaboo
  2. The clean sweeper of the whole caboodle

With the vote for leaving the European Union the Brits took us by surprise. Not only the Brexit was not expected, nobody in Europe thought it possible that Donald Trump would ever make it to presidential candidate let stand to president elect. But he did!

Flag of the United States of America

Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the post-Brexit shock we shall have to look in 2017 to the consequences of such voting and to the effects of unfair voting system with electors in the United States of America. For sure that bear shall bring many words flowing out of the pens. His unchristian attitude and his so called Christian supporters could in all probability have me and other Christian writers to react with some articles in the near future.

Let all the bad things from 2016 not follow you in this new year and let your spirit not be darkened by such figures as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. It looks like we have entered again a period of cold war and that the signs of the coming end time are getting much more clear, so that much more people should come to realise it is getting time to act and to prepare.

Trump has been very handy and smart to get the focus away from his personality and his family, but to exaggerate the immigrant and Muslim threat. In the not so far past the Americans provided funds for several Islamic splinter groups. They themselves provided the know-how to groups like Al-Qa’ida and ISIS/ISIL and now they want to enlarge the weapon business even more by making their own population more afraid of Muslims which have nothing to do with such extreme groups.

It is something to look at in 2017.



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