What is a Tel?

Rich Anderson, retired pastor of Capistrano Community Church in San Juan Capistrano, California, and his wife Cheryl have travelled to Israel many times and believe that a trip to the Holy Land. Today they give us an insight of what can be understood of a Tel, like we can find many villages called Tel, of having Tel, in front of the name like Tel Dan, Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv–Yafo (Israel)Tel MegiddoTel Bet She’an, Tel Ḥay, Tel Ḥasi (archaeological site, Israel) or with Tall like Tall-e Nemat, a village in Iran.

English: Pagoda house, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Franç...

Pagoda house, Tel-Aviv, Israel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As such “Tel” is not only the site of an ancient city, like the guest-writer writes in his article. We must more look at a settlement or a place of residence for people. This can be a passing stadium, just a short-stay residence of roundabouts or a long-term residence, a settlement, a neighbourhood, a quarter, a village, a town or even a city.


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Tours to the Holy Land

Faithbased Tour To The Holyland Tel Bet She’an and the Roman Cardo (street)

A “Tel” is not short for telephone, nor is it a habit that gives you away….a Tel is the site of an ancient city and most are Biblical. In the Old Testament, God instructs the Israelites to destroy pagan cities, leave them in ashes and walk away from the rubble. Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn’t….we know, because many archaeological sites in Israel and the Middle East contain historical artifacts from pagan and Israelite inhabitants.

“Tel” In The Bible

The word “Tel” is written six times in the Hebrew Bible, and is translated in King James Version as “heap” and in more modern translations, “ruin.”

Deuteronomy 13: 16 describes the Tel as a ruined city. God commanded the Israelites to burn down cities of evil people, and turn them into a hill (Tel) of ashes. 16 And thou shalt gather all the spoil of it into…

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