A rich history of ancient and Biblical Jordan to explore

Other than Israel, no country has as many Biblical sites and associations as Jordan:

Mount Nebo BW 6.JPG

Mount Nebo seen from the east

Mount Nebo, where Moses gazed at the Promised Land; Bethany beyond the Jordan, where John baptized Jesus; Lot’s Cave, where Lot and his daughters sought refuge after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; Madaba, home of a stunning mosaic map of the Holy Land; the lands of the ancient kingdoms of Ammon, Moab and Edom, and many more.

the Biblical Archaeology Society offers a free eBook Exploring Jordan: The Other Biblical Land which introduces readers to this ancient land that has all too often been relegated to the margins of Biblical history and archaeology. Each article is written by an expert who guides you through magnificent and legendary sites located across the River Jordan.

In “Where John Baptized,” for example, journalist Rami Khouri takes us to a site on the east bank of the Jordan River that is believed to have been “Bethany beyond the Jordan,” where the New Testament says Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

Then, in “Rabbath of the Ammonites,” esteemed archaeologist Timothy Harrison take us on a tour of the massive ancient citadel overlooking the modern city of Amman. During the Biblical period, the site was the capital of one of ancient Israel’s great enemies, the Ammonites.

Exploring Jordan: The Other Biblical Land

Download the Free eBook



A theoretical map of the region around 830 BCE. Moab is shown in purple on this map, between the Arnon and Zered rivers.

The articles in Exploring Jordan also highlight the lands of Moab and Edom, located east and south of the Dead Sea. In “Moab Comes to Life,” P.M. Michele Daviau and Paul-Eugene Dion introduce us to another important kingdom with which ancient Israel interacted during the Biblical period.

The FREE eBook then concludes with a virtual tour of Jordan’s most stunning site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the rock-cut, rose-red city of Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabataeans.

But Exploring Jordan is only an introduction to the rich history of ancient and Biblical Jordan. We hope it inspires you to learn more about this important land of the Bible.

Exploring Jordan: The Other Biblical Land

Download the Free eBook



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