Place for a fifth and sixth house in Christendom

It looks like we have come in a time several people are not pleased to feel as if they are shunned by one or more religious groups where they normally would belong to.

In the midst of previous century it started by some non-trinitarian groups who wanted others to know the Holy Name of God. Afraid of such groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses several churches and publishers did not want to use the name of God any-more and choose for the non-saying “Lord“. By replacing the Tetragrammaton יהוה or Jehovah with “Lord” people could not see the difference between The Most High Lord Hashem Jehovah and the other Lord יהושע Jeshua the Messiah.

Worse was that those who where for and preached that people should only worship One True God, became considered by many not to be Christians, though they are the real followers of Jeshua the Kristos, better known in English speaking countries as Jesus Christ. Question than would be where such people could belong to. They are no Jews, except the Messianic Jews, and are also not accepted by the Jews because they have Jesus as their master and Messiah.

Some found it necessary to establish a fifth house or perhaps also a sixth house in Christendom, distinct from Catholicism, Protestantism, Oriental Orthodoxy, and Eastern Orthodoxy. But it where not only non-triniarians who felt that way. The strongest growing group feeling they should be considered different than the main groups in Christendom are trinitarians who put the accent on the Holy Spirit.

From those two opposing groups the strongest growing group came from evangelicals and had first Catholic and Protestant Charismatic movements (which became very popular in the 1970ies). Later the Pentecostal movement won place and found bases all over the world with different sorts of groups. By those who came from those evangelical groups there came lots of people who where convinced that offices of prophet and apostle are being restored. {Wagner, Peter (24 Aug 2011). “The New Apostolic Reformation Is Not a Cult”. Charisma News. Retrieved 2013-02-20.}

Some think today we are witnessing the Third Reformation which some are convince would be the reformation of the whole church.

It is the great reformation of the church, it is the new apostolic reformation, for apostles and prophets lay the foundations of reformation.

To the degree of reformation we have is the degree of revival we will have, apostles and prophets lay the foundations of reformation and reformation is laying the foundations of revival, many revivals, and lasting revivals.

The Third Reformation will last as long as it takes, it may take 40 years or it may take 100 years, it is up to the hearts of believers and the fivefold ministry if they will only obey the command of Christ, The will of Christ for the church is reformation, He wants the church to go through this divine reformation of the apostles and prophets. {Progress of Reformation}

The group that thinks we have apostles and prophets again to restore the church of God though not wanting to be bound to a particular organisation, found themselves heaped together as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Some of their members finding that they are selected by God or by Christ to be an apostle to lay out the foundation for a global church, governed by them. Those (self declared) ‘apostles’ place a greater emphasis on dreams, visions and extra-biblical revelation than they do on the Bible, claiming that their revealed teachings and reported experiences (e.g. trips to heaven, face-to-face conversations with Jesus, visits by angels) can not be proven by the ‘old’ Scripture.

The last few decades several groups, like: Dominionism (a group of Christian political ideologies that seek to institute a nation governed by Christians based on their understandings of biblical law), Third Wave, Latter Rain, Kingdom Now, Joel’s Army, Manifest Sons of God, Charismatic Renewal, Charismania (American Fundamentalist Christians to the extremists in the Christian Charismatic movement), where formed which could find themselves amalgamated in that new name of New Apostolic Reformation.

John Wimber.jpg

John Richard Wimber musician and pastor, co-founding leader of the first Vineyard church,

Vineyard USA.svg

The Vineyard USA

C. Peter Wagner, who claims that the Church of the 21st Century will be ruled by Apostles and Prophets, could be seen as the founder of that first new house in Christendom. In the late 1980s healing teacher John Sandford (who has claimed a number of visionary and mystical experiences) began bringing his seminars to a number of Vineyard churches (rooted in the charismatic renewal and historic evangelicalism) worldwide. Rich Nathan and Ken Wilson preferred the name “Empowered Evangelicals ” to reflect their roots in traditional evangelicalism as opposed to classical Pentecostalism. Those who believe that divine action would be experienced in the individual and corporate life of the modern Christian church, count on it that more and more people shall be drawn to God by their active search to the “gifts of the Spirit”. Convinced that supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit will increase, they look out for such signs and wonders as miraculous healings and modern prophetic proclamations. Former Quaker and early, pioneering pastor of charismatic congregations John Wimber’s teachings on signs and wonders brought on a wave of critical responses, a wave referred to as the “fourth wave of the Holy Spirit”. That teaching on healing and the ministry of the Holy Spirit led to conflict in the Calvary Chapel in Yorba Linda, California, which asked him to stop using the Calvary name. Therefore he affiliated with Kenn Gulliksen’s Vineyard movement.

Kansas City Fellowship had Paul Cain, Bob Jones, and Mike Bickle pastoring and bringing prophesies and actions of healing. Wimber joined them after his son was delivered from drug addiction through a prophetic word from Jones, but after some time became disillusioned over the restorationist teaching and failed prophecies of these men. Around 1991, Wimber began to distance himself from the prophetic movement, leading the Vineyard back to a church-planting direction, while Bickle’s church withdrew and dropped the Vineyard label. Other (so called) prophets are Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson, Francis Frangipane and Todd Hunter, who served as National Coordinator since February 1994 and as acting Director of the Vineyard at the time of Wimber’s death, became the National Director in January 1998 and served in that capacity until he resigned in May 2000.

When Kenn Gulliksen was sent out by Calvary Chapel in 1974 to start a church in West Los Angeles, no one would’ve guessed or even imagined that less than 50 years later, there would be over 2,400 churches in 95 countries that would share the same name: Vineyard. {Christianity today magazine; A Brief History of Recent Movements; 7 constants representing 2 commitments}

Eight years after Gulliksen planted 
the first Vineyard church, there were at least seven Vineyard churches in this loosely defined network. It was at this point, in 1982, when John Wimber became the first director of this growing Vineyard movement. {Christianity today magazine; A Brief History of Recent Movements; 7 constants representing 2 commitments}

From the different independent churches more people found they had something in common to share, and believed that we are in a “Second Apostolic Age” having new Apostles here on earth today, anointed by the laying of hands to represent and speak for God here on Earth. According to them these “Super Apostles” are equal to the original Apostles – the ones who witnessed Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and were appointed by Christ Himself to the office.

Since these new apostles are commissioned by God, their authority may not be questioned.

they say.

Those apostolic leaders are working to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth and frequently emphasize a manifestation of “Glory” and “God’s presence,” and often have a special anointing to receive direct revelation from God, performing healings and other signs and wonders. They teach that our purpose is to achieve our dream destiny so that we can change the world.

That group which brings together well-known leaders of charismatic, reformed, Word of Faith, seeker-emergent, progressive and Roman Catholics churches, all under one umbrella likes seeing themselves now as the fifth house in Christendom because they have no connection with the older forms which should come to an end.

C. Peter Wagner who served as Professor of Church Growth at the Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Missions until his retirement founded the New Apostolic Reformation. He promoted Kingdom Now theology, as well as countless other extra-Biblical and un-Biblical teachings on, for instance, faith healing, prayer, and spiritual warfare.

He defined three levels of spiritual warfare: “Ground-level” involving casting demons out of individuals; “occult-level warfare” involving more organized “powers of darkness” [They target here New Age thought, Tibetan Buddhism, Freemasonry, etc.]; and “strategic-level warfare” directly “confronts ‘territorial spirits’ assigned by Satan to coordinate activities over a geographical area.”

Inspired by the G12 movement, the NAR kept growing by recruiting pastors of independent congregations and nondenominational churches. Pastors who could not associate with the main Christian denominations thought to find a group where they could feel at home. Cell group meetings, and by frequent Church planting also gave a boost for a rapid expansion, including foreign missions around the globe.

It came so far that it is not possible any more to ignore such big movement as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). They themselves consider the new reformation-group which should be the new or the fifth ‘house’ in Christianity.

For the sixth house we have to look at West Europe where there are several of non-trinitarian groups which have difficulties in coming out into the world because of being called cults and not to be accepted as Christians. Not welcome under the name Christian several of those Christians also encountered Jews who faced a similar unwelcome by Jews because they too wanted to follow the real sent one from God, Jeshua the Messiah.

Messiah For all – Website created by Marcus Ampe in February 2015 to bring people to the real Jesus, the Kristos: Christ or Messiah

The choreographer and preacher Marcus Ampe who after the trinitarian pressure from the American Baptist Unions had to face how all over the world hundreds of thousands non-trinitarian Baptists left their church. In the end he also tried to unite several other non-trinitarian people under the name “Vrije Christenen” (Free Christians) to join a few years later the Brethren in Christ (or Christadelphians). His continuous contact with Jewish relationships and acquintances, finding also several Jews complaining about their “in-between situation”, not being considered Jew nor wanting to be confused with trinitarian Christians, many also wanting to hold on the original names of the biblical figures, he proposed the name Jeshuaists, them being true followers of Jeshua the Messiah. Around the century transition there was a movement wanting to restore the Biblical names. In that Restoration movement there where some who thought that because a Y did not exist in old times therefore wanted יהושע‎ be written as Yeshua or Yehoshua, though Mr. Ampe was supporter for those who, like him, thought we should follow the contemporary orthographical rules and as such because in most languages the Y has been replaced with a J having written יהושע as Jeshua in several languages.

Normally one could say the Messianic Jews should belong to the first house of Christianity, because the Jew Jesus spoke to them in the first place and opened the way to the non Jews in the second place. But because of Christianity being corrupted by the doctrine of the trinity many Jews are not happy to join such a group and than to be thought of that they would worship a triune god. Particularly because there are also trinitarian Messianic Jews, the ones who wanted to stay faithful to the teachings of the rebbe Jeshua wanted an other designation or appellation.

Those who belong to Messianic Judaism or Nazarene Judaism feel shunned by the outside world. Some of them do not like the group name Nazarenes, because they do not come from Nazareth, though well willing to follow the Nazarene they find him a man not limited to one place but an eye opener for the whole world.

Too many people do forget that Jesus and his chosen disciples, the apostles where Jews. All the authors of the New Testament were Jewish. At the time of Jesus the main followers where Jews and those gathering in houses to celebrate the Last Supper followed a faith in the Nazarene rabbi Jeshua (Jesus) which was strictly Jewish in both orientation and practice. therefore one could say that the very early Church was 100% percent Jewish and that when goyim entered in the picture they still kept to that Jewishness! therefore we could say those Jews have the right to belong to the first house of Christianity.

But Christianity came defiled and turned its back to ‘its founder’. The majority in Christendom came to worship a three-une godhead and went far a away from the Jewish rules and attitudes. The last few decades we see a turn with some Christians again wanting to first century actions, again celebrating the Jewish festivals. Though lots of them still want to keep to their human dogma of the Holy Trinity. Strangely enough they want to go further than calling themselves just Messianics, several want to be part of a group that has the name Messianic Jews. For real Jews such trinitarian groups are a real affront. Facing such a snub we can understand that the real Messianic Jews who want to keep to the One and Only One True God are not happy with such a label that can give such ‘horrible’ confusion, that they would worship three gods. They could be called Nazarene Friends but as their is already such a group (with a lot of ex-Jehovhah’s Witnesses) and having already a trinitarian and a non-trinitarian groups of Nazarenes, [Nazarene (sect), a sect of 4th century Christianity described by Epiphanius + Church of the Nazarene, modern Christian Holiness movement denomination]:  for them the title Jeshuaist brings a solution. And to lumb them they would prefer to find an indication that they are followers of Jeshua though not belonging to the trinitarians in Christendom. They consider themselves a ‘Netzer’ or ‘branch’ of The Way and want nothing to do with the self-proclaimed Displacement Theology of those Trinity lovers.

Jesus name gives a hint for others who they want to follow and to whom they are truthful or faithful. Such people are an acquisition for Christianity and should be welcomed with open arms. As such it would not be bad that we in the world take notice of those Jews and of al the others who want to be spiritual brothers of Jeshua and as Brethren in Christ want to be united in the body of Christ.


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        • Lutheran it depends how you look at denominations.
          As Christians following the teachings of the Nazarene Jeshua we follow the 1st century teachings of that Essene Jewish rabbi and his apostles. As such you can consider us being in line with the then called group – cult or sect – The Way. You on the other hand come from a schism group of the Roman Catholics and as such your group can be called more a sect, because your denomination (like we would call it) has an organised church structure with people in charge, who demand money from their members. In our denomination their is no overall general committee and no demand for money. In our group people are totally free to join or to leave the movement, what can not be said of your movement. By looking at your Lutheran group and ours your group has more points to be considered a sect or cult than ours.


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