Examining the world around us and of our own life, building up a legacy

As archaeologists, historical researchers and bible-researchers we love to examine the past. Often we are interested so much in the past because we would love to find affirmation in it for what we do believe what happened and what is in our mind the possible truth.

Socrates said that

“the unexamined life is not worth living.”

For that reason all are research makes part of our life and is in a way also part of our own quest in life. We all want a reason for existence. We all want to mean something for the future. But we can not all become “well-known” or “stars”. We can not all become famous. The renowned are not always celebrated for what would be right in the eyes of God.

File:Thai boy pointing to the viewer.JPG

Thai boy pointing to you.

We do not have to become famous for God. He does not require from us that we become a renowned person in this world. He does not request that His children will rise to fame. For Him it is most important that as a child of Him we become a person worth mentioning to be a Lover of God, a true believer.

The legacy we do have to carry is to be one of God His many children. what we do have to leave behind is a legacy we can be proud of. for example children who go in our footsteps and also believe in the One and Only One True God.

When our life can be of influence to others, we may feel good, when it brings them closer to the One we do love and want the world to be known.

The legacy we can leave behind is in our children and the lives that we touch and perhaps also in some of our writings. For us it is important in which way we can come closer to people and even are own kids to share our love with God. How we touch their life and the lives of those around us is all that matters to them, us and to God. So each encounter with each soul is the only thing that matters from henceforth.

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