Excavations under Wilson’s Arch, near the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Last year eight stone courses of the Western Wall that had been buried under an 8-meter layer of earth were uncovered in excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the Western Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem. These stone courses, completely preserved, are built of massive stones and are outstanding in the quality of their construction.

Dr. Joe Uziel of the Israel Antiquities Authority, sitting on the steps of the theater structure. (Photograph: Yaniv Berman, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority)

Furthermore, after the removal of this layer of soil, the archaeologists were surprised to discover that it covered the remnants of an extraordinary theatre-like structure from the Roman period… Apparently, a great deal was invested in the construction of the theatre which contained approximately 200 seats.

The new stone courses match the level of others in the Western Wall tunnels. Having been buried for so many centuries, these are better preserved than the exposed stones at the Western Wall. They show typical massive, high-quality Herodian masonry.

Most visitors today do not see this view. The Western Wall plaza clearly sits on top of the past. For years, archaeologists have been excavating below visitors’ and worshippers’ feet. A street from 2nd-century Jerusalem is easily visible near the bottom left of this photo. (photo by Luke Chandler)

Leen Ritmeyer has images on his blog  showing how Wilson’s Arch appeared with the Temple Mount some 2,000 years ago. He also has an impressive photo of Wilson’s Arch inside the modern synagogue by the Western Wall.

Photograph of Wilson’s Arch looking north. The new excavations are located deep below the floor in this photo. © Leen Ritmeyer

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