The Memorial Supper

One aspect of our Redeemer’s death’ was foreshadowed by the Passover Lamb. Our Saviour’s death as the antitype of the Passover Lamb occurred at the Passover date, 14th Nisan, as provided in the Mosaic Law. And as the Jews annually observed the memorial of their deliverance from Egypt, so did our Saviour,

” the same night in which He was betrayed,”

institute, with the emblems of unleavened bread and wine, a memorial of himself and his precious sacrifice for us. Not being otherwise instructed, the disciples and early church would and did observe this memorial annually, on the 14th Nisan.

The consecrated Believers in the Blood of Jesus,

“shed for many for the remission of sins,”

who see the propriety of this observance annually,

” in remembrance of me,”

will not neglect the duty or forego the privilege, even if there is none other of like mind to join in the solemn service.

This year, the 14th of Nisan or Erev Pesach will begin next month, Friday, April 19, at Sundown. The congregations worldwide shall be welcoming you to be present on that most memorable day of the year.

All consecrated Believers in the atoning Blood are welcome to share this privilege with us. When the Lord at the last Supper said,

” Drink ye all of i t ” (Matt. 26: 27),

did He mean, drink all the wine, and leave none; or All of you disciples drink of it?

We understand that he meant the latter; namely, that all of the disciples were to drink of the wine, and that the cup was passed around from one to another. That this is the meaning is shown in Mark 14: 23, wich says,

” And He took the cup, and when He had given thanks, He gave it to them: and they all drank of it.”

The Diaglott translation reads,

” And they all drank out of it.”

Shall you be meeting our brothers and sisters in one of the meeting halls, and think of our union with Christ worldwide?


Dutch invitation / Nederlandse uitnodiging: Het Herinneringsmaal

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