Agape or disinterested love

“Agape is disinterested love. It is a love in which the individual seeks not his own good, but the good of his neighbor (1 Cor. 10:24).

Agape does not begin by discriminating between worthy and unworthy people, or any qualities people possess. With agape there is no place for making differences of colour or race. There is no place for discrimination.

The real love where the Bible talks about is the agape love which begins by loving others for their sakes. It is entirely “neighbour-regarding concern for others,” which discovers the neighbour in every man it meets. Therefore, agape makes no distinction between friends and enemy; it is directed toward both.

If one loves an individual merely on account of his friendliness, we can speak of a sort of love for the sake of the benefits to be gained from the friendship, rather than for the friend’s own sake. Consequently, the best way to assure oneself that love is disinterested is to have love for the enemy-neighbour from whom you can expect no good in return, but only hostility and persecution.

The love God wants from His children is a love for all creatures, being it human beings, animals or plants. Our divine Creator wants that we do not avenge, nor bear any grudge against creatures of the Most High, but that we come to love our neighbour as ourself. (Le 19:18) God expects us to put our own self aside to help others, even when they would be our enemy. That love for the other is the second law of Christ. The first law being to love the Only One true God. On these two commandments hangs all the law and the prophets. (Mt 22:37-40)

Man has to put the fear for the other aside and should open his heart for all those around him. Each individual has to manage to separate from the ego sufficiently to view it objectively. He has to get away with his fear which is manifest in egocentrism. In its presence fear cannot co-exist, just as darkness cannot co-exist in the presence of light. Its fundamental law is the precise opposite of the ego’s ‘you lose what you give.’

Jesus should be our light, and with his example we should not fear others nor the bad circumstances which may face us. As a follower of Christ we should dare through all sorts of doors and darknesses.

As believers in God and in His son we should know we shall not be liked so much by many. Real followers of Christ should be aware that at any time while they extend love they shall be liable to receive negative reactions and sometimes even attacks. At such times the real Christian should continue, neglecting the negativity of others, and carrying on with extending love.

Being willing to share unselfish love without expecting something back, but also by willing to show the world you belong to the most loving Being and belong to the best of the human family.

The Samaritan who helped the Jew on the Jericho Road was “good” because he responded to the human need that he was presented with. God’s love is eternal and fails not because man needs his love. The apostle Paul assures us that the loving act of redemption was done “while we were yet sinners” – that is, at the point of our greatest need for love.



Loving each other with deeds and in sincerity


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