2020 Excavation Season at Tel Moza from 21 March – 3 April!

In case you would be interested in visiting the unearthing of the Iron IIA Temple Complex, and the Cultic structure sealed under it, you are welcome to join the 2020 Season: March 21 to April 3 tour.

The Tel Moza Expedition Project will arrange for transportation from Ben-Gurion airport in Tel Aviv on Saturday, March 21. When you want to join the excursion please book a flight that arrives at Ben-Gurion no later than 14:00. The organisers will arrange for transport back to Ben-Gurion airport on Friday morning, April 3, so you should schedule your return flight from Ben Gurion no earlier than 11:00.

The Moza Region, View to the SW (Photo SAccommodation is provided at the Tzuba Hotel located in Kibbutz Tzuba, situated approximately 10 km west of Jerusalem. It is a convenient 10-minute drive to the site of Tel Moẓa, 20 minutes from Jerusalem, and 45 minutes from Tel Aviv.

​Kibbutz Tzuba is nestled in the beautiful and serene scenery of the Judean Hills and surrounded by beautiful walking paths. There is a convenience store at the kibbutz, in which you can stock up on snacks and other necessities.

Accommodation is three people per suite, which consists of a bedroom (two beds) a living room (1 couch) and a bathroom/shower. Suits include a TV, safe, balcony, and kitchen equipped with microwave, refrigerator, kettle, tea and coffee. All suits have WiFi. The expedition administration will be in charge for making the list of people for each room.

​Note: Team Members will be engaged in all types of archaeological activities, as needed.

DSCF0204.jpgWork includes hard physical labour (working with pickaxe and hoe, moving dirt), light physical work (delicate excavation with small tools and brushes, sifting), pottery washing and documentation. Consideration will be given to individual capabilities and preferences, but this is not guaranteed.

Project Directors are: Shua Kisilevitz (Tel Aviv University & IAA) and Prof. Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv University).
Area Supervisors are: Abra Spiciarich, Vanessa Linares and Maddi Quail-Gates (all from the Tel Aviv University)

Payment Information

Fee Per Person:

  • Including weekend (Friday night, March 27) accommodation – $1785 (USD)

  • Without weekend (Friday night, March 27) accommodation – $1700 (USD)

Note that if you choose to make your own arrangements for the weekend you will need to vacate your room on Friday morning (March 27) and return by Saturday night (March 28).

Price Includes:

Cost includes participation in the dig, air conditioned furnished rooms (up to 3 people in a two-room unit), with toilets and showers and daily cleaning and towel change; full board (except for the weekend); free Wi-Fi 24-hours internet access within intended areas on the hotel premises; transportation to the site and back on working days and transportation to special tours, which will be arranged from time to time; academic lectures.

Price Does Not Include: Flights to and from Israel, health insurance, Friday and Saturday dinners and Saturday lunch.


*Tours and lectures will be posted before the season begins *On days with guided tours we will leave for the tour directly from the site and no lecture will be held in the evening

Contact the organisation to see if there are still places available: Contact


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