The Lachish Latrine

According to the biblical narrative, the Lachish city gate was where the city elders, judges, governors, kings and officials sat on their benches, as the core of civic life.

“These benches were found in our excavation,”

Sa’ar Ganor, excavation director on behalf of the IAA noted.

The Lachish city gate (73.5 × 73.5 ft.), which is now completely exposed and preserved to a height of 12 ft., consists of six chambers, three on either side, and the city’s main street that passed between them.

In the corner of one the rooms a toilet in a stone, fashioned in the shape of a chair with a hole in its centre was found. It can well be that the placement of the toilet had been symbolic.



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This morning while checking the latest posts on Facebook I discovered that Tel Lachish was in the news. I had eagerly been waiting for this news and planned to write a blog post as soon as it was released. However, it came on a busy day for me. I had early morning conference calls and then a long day in the classroom.

Here is a link to the first news item that I saw:

Large First Temple Period Gate-Shrine Excavated in Central Israel

I sent a message to Luke Chandler as soon as I saw the article. Luke and I have dug together at Lachish for the past two years.

Luke found out more information and wrote a blog post that you can read here:

Temple from Hezekeiah’s Time Found at Lachish (Photos and Video)

To me the most interesting thing that was announced was the finding of a toilet…

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