Does Religion Have Any Place In Culture?

For years it has been a very difficult and often very heated discussion about believers in God and believers in Christ being or not being allowed to be politically active. Lots of Christians often forgetting how in ancient times many people of God did not mind to say their ideas about leaders or how people behaved.


To remember

Matthew Jackson, the curator of Shield of Faith through the medium of blogs wants to speak into all areas of life from what he calls a Christian perspective or worldview, and starts his article with a quote of .Abraham Kuyper.

He is being continually haunted by a statement coming from a young woman at the funeral of Lyra McKee taken place in St. Anne’s Cathedral.

  •   a women saying something along the lines of ‘There’s no need to Religion in politics.’
  • = quite a common statement to be made regarding recent history of Northern Ireland = some really important implications for Christians in Northern Ireland.
  • in rapidly evolving secular society >where does faith + politics meet?
  • Attributed to previous Dutch Prime minister Abraham Kuyper > sphere sovereignty = formed on two main principles based from scripture: 1) common grace (derived from Noahic covenant); and 2) biblical worldview.
  • Kuyper proposes that God, in creating natural order, also blessed humanity with ability to create civilisations. =>ability to make + sustain a well ordered & functioning society.
  • Kuyper further proposed > seeing societal structure bares image of our creator => governed by His rules as well
  • ==> a biblical worldview must be developed.
  • purpose as Christian =  to know our position clearly in relation to God.
  • God = omniscient + omnibenevolen => given us instructions that will lead to highest form of human flourishing possible.
  • understanding of man’s innate inclination to sin => map parallels between secularisation + normalisation of issues such as abortion, homosexual marriage, euthanasia, etc.



Protestant denominations of the Low Countries and Abraham Kuyper

Shield Of Faith

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”

— Abraham Kuyper.

In the wake of theheartretchingevents that occurred in Northern Irelandregarding the murder of Lyra McKee,I can’t help being continually haunted by astatement coming from a young woman at her funeral.During the news coverage from the funeral,which saw ahost of political and cultural leaders in attendance, the reporter sought to depict the mood surrounding the crowd of thishuge funeral taken place in St. Anne’s Cathedral. Many of thebystanders wanting to show supportrightly empathised with the McKee family and the tragic loss that they must be feeling at the present, whilst others reminisced about the stories they had heard of Lyraand her drive to make Northern Ireland a better place to live. Then, a womenresponded sayingsomething along the lines of ‘There’s no need…

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