People believing they need to celebrate the birth of God

It is very funny in these times of darkness many families affected by a tragic case of Covid infection in their family. The last few months we could find several writing on the net and in the newspapers, certain church minister claiming that Christians should come together to pray. In the Netherlands several ministers of the Pentecostal and Reformed Church called for their people not to abstain from gathering in their churches, instead of keeping at their own house. some in Holland and in the U.S.A. went so far to say publicly that in case people would get infected with the disease that would be a sign of them not believing enough. (Incredible someone dares to say so and to frighten people even more!)

Others claim that we are coming to the days that we remember the “birth of God” (sick). They seemingly seem to forget that God never had a birth and that he also never had a death. Because the last few weeks we also hear a lot about a god suffering and understanding our suffering, but him even had more pains on the “cross” for our sake. They claim that God died on the cross and that we should remember his act because it is that what brought us salvation.

Ridiculously from many sites we also hear that we would have the “Best Christmas” ever! This idea does not seem to be wavering only here at the European continent. This when the death toll in the United States now over 300,000 and all over the world a gross thinning of the population due to infection.

It is incredible that we still hear ministers inviting their parishioners, friends, and neighbours to “join the Holy Family on Christmas Eve and sing songs of praise and thanksgiving” (On Things Ludicrous and Holy…). Encouraging the church to gather in their cars for a drive-thru, is no solution at all, also bringing to many people on the road.

There are also people who say God gave his blood for salvation of mankind and that people should step in his footsteps and as such should give Blood, though this is something where God is against. And once more it is building on the false teachings that Jesus would be God.

Anno 2020 it is strange that still so many who call themselves Christian, do not want to accept the things Jesus and his God said, namely that Jesus is the son of God, and never claimed to be a godson. One can wonder why so many, calling themselves Christian still not want to accept that God is greater than Jesus? They still do not understand that Jesus prayed not to himself and why he cried with a loud voice why God would have abandoned him.

“About three in the afternoon Jesus screamed in a loud voice, “Eli, eli, lama sabachthani?” (or, “‘My God, my God, why have You abandoned me?’”)” (Mt 27:46 mhm)

“Therefore, Jesus answered them: “I tell you this truth: The Son is unable to do anything from himself unless he sees something the Father is doing. For whatever that One may do, it is possible the Son also may do likewise.” (Joh 5:19 mhm)

“16 Having been baptized, and rising from the water, immediately, look! the skies were opened up. Jesus saw God’s Pneuma descending as if a dove lighting upon him. 17 Look! a Voice out of the Sky, saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”” (Mt 3:16-17 mhm)

“But, Peter answered him, “Master, if it is really you command me to come toward you over the waters!”” (Mt 14:28 mhm)

“21  Now it happened during the time that time when all the people were being baptized Jesus also was baptized. While he was praying the sky opened up, 22 and the holy Pneuma descended upon Jesus in the bodily shape of a dove. Then a Voice came out of the sky, “You are my beloved Son! I confirm you!” 23 And so when Jesus began his work he was about thirty years old, and according to others the son of Joseph, the son of Heli … ” (Lu 3:21-23 mhm)

Today we hear many more people crying that we can not allow our Christmas being ruined by not coming together celebrating the birth of God. They overlook that God has no birth at all, Him being an eternal invisible Spirit, also seem not to know that the birth they seem to celebrate, namely Jesus Christ, should be the birth of the Nazarene master teacher Jeshua ben Josef, the son of Joseph and Mary (or Miriam), which was not at all on December 25, but took place in Bethlehem on 4BCE October 17 (so why celebrating it on the feast day of the goddess of light?).

For sure 2020 might be a year we would love to forget quickly. These coming days of darkness we also would love to have some more light in the house and in the streets. Nothing against such lights lightening up and giving some more pleasant view that the darkness this Corona pandemic brings.
Billions of people look for some light at the end of the tunnel. Though at the same time as sensible people are trying to protect themselves and others, certain Christian groups call to disobey the government and to come together this Christmas in name of God, to praise Him. Such people do forget that Jesus said that people should obey their government as long as their rules did not go against the Law of God. Taking precautions and avoiding human contact is not something God would be against. The same one can wonder where those Christians get if from that we should not have injections. The citizens of the Hoge Veluwe in the province of Gelderland resist receiving the Covid-19 vaccines. At the NOS journal last Wednesday, we even heard some Dutch people saying there would be a chip in the vaccine which would control us. Such spreading of fake ideotic ideas is totally against nature or attitude a Christian should take.

Lots of so-called Christians protest that their freedom of religion is bound and that they should have the right and freedom to religious service. Therefore several people call to ignore the demand to keep at home with Christmas and call to come worshipping in church.

While national measures might limiting social activities, people should consider the possibilities it also opens. Many who have to stay at home now have much more time for themselves, certainly those who can not go to work. We can see how many people are a slave of their materialism and are very cross with the government that they can not shop like before. Their reactions give a very good impression of how the god Mammon (the god of money) governs this world. Materialism for many stands in the first place. Instead of using this isolation time to come to rest and to come to meditation, they prefer to go on the streets (without facemasks) to express their displeasure with the corona restrictions.

How many people would have taken this restriction time to open their minds? How many would take an effort to understand spiritually about life facing diseases and related social changes?

On December 14,560 representatives from 31 religions in 80 countries including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism and Sikhism joined in an online gathering named “HWPL End-of-year Religious Leaders’ Gathering: United Hopes & Prayers for a Brighter 2021” to express words of consolation to humanity and reaffirm inter-religious commitment to and dialogue for peace.

11 religious leaders representing different religions prayed for wisdom and solution to the multifarious life patterns affected by the current COVID-19 crisis. The video messages from religious leaders displayed their support for the role of religion in countering anti-peace movements such as discrimination, hatred and violence that can be exacerbated during the pandemic. {Religions united to pray for peace and care for one-another in the pandemic-crisis}

Many who were at the virtual gathering talk also about the “why” of this pandemic. Also here in Europe several priests and ministers tried to give an answer. Some said it was the devil testing mankind, others said it is God punishing mankind. Real Christians should know it is neither. It is just the fault of man himself, doing wrong in nature and giving opportunities to the spreading of diseases. And if we are not careful those calling to celebrate Christmas in church and bigger groups, we are risking the third gulf and again an increase of suffering and death people.

There are people who insist to indulge now more in the gifts we can give each other. They want people to enjoy even more the pagan rites like kissing under the mistletoe. They even want people to participate in their “Santa Claus Conspiracy” and share some joy this Holiday!

Though these last days of December we can bring light in and around our home. We can write cards for the lonely ones (in homes) and give them to the head of care. Or we can bake cakes to distribute in the homes and hospitals. There is so much social work that can be done. Therefore, make yourself useful in these difficult times.

Instead of going to indulge in frenzied forms of feasting and adherence to pagan customs, it would be better to think of the son of God serving for another. Jesus not being God, could really be harmed, and really suffered by the mocking and torturing that came over him. His death was not him being a god who would fake his death, because God cannot die; Jesus really suffered at that stake and died. Let us not forget that! His suffering was far worse than the suffering people endure from their inability to do what they want to do, including hot or fun shopping and going to the hairdresser.

Now is the time to have prayers and to think of others as well as for bringing light and hope to others in these darker days. When you are free these days, take time to be socially safe in your own small bubble. In the day time, you can go for a walk in beautiful surroundings where not to many people come. And in the evening there is all the more reason to stay at home to rest and connect as a family. Also making sure nobody has to go out after curfew time (10 pm) With the modern tools it is so much easier to relax, breath, pray, laugh and to make good fun with just a few. One can even connect with the computer (laptop, I-pad, tablet) to have a game with others far away.

For many people this seems to be their most busy season, they often feeling too busy for family, too busy to pray, too busy to worship. During our most busy moments, we should remember all that we do and can do is because God makes it possible. Let us not forget that He is with us when we allow Him to be with us. God is speaking all the time, and if we can pause to listen, we will be comforted by His sustaining presence.

I hope you will be able to make the best of these coming darker days of the year. Let them not darken your heart and let your hearth enlighten others, even when you are not able to meet them in real life. Be it with Zoom, Jitsi, House Party, Facetime, Messenger, let yourself enjoy many virtual meetings and bringing joy in many households though sometimes far away.

Blessings on all of your families this Christmastime!


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14 thoughts on “People believing they need to celebrate the birth of God

  1. Hi, thanks for the tag for my article! I’m unsure if I’m being criticised as someone indulging in paganism or celebrated as someone who is helping others to spiritually focus themselves for the next couple of weeks?

    What’s interesting is that I was raised Catholic and still view Jesus as one of my greatest spiritual guides. However, the journey he has taken me on has shown me that all religions have threads of truth in them, yet no religion has contains the truth. Paganism generally isn’t frivolous; my personal experience has seen deep care for the planet and for other humans. Something that Christianity also sees a truth. The Yule period, which the Roman church chose to attach to the birth of Jesus due to the rebirth of the Sun, has got a large connection to feasting and gift giving. Something which Jesus actually very much was against; I have an article about it within my blog.

    As I guide others through this period myself, it is through a look at themes including reflecting on the year and deciding what you need to take into the New Year, Truth, Perseverance, Courage, Truth, Loyalty, Honour, Hospitality, Attentiveness, Self Reliance & Celebration. I’d really love anyone who wishes to do join me on Facebook on Sunday when I launch it. I don’t judge based on faith type, just as Jesus taught us to. Here


    • Dear Rachael,

      Giving a list of related articles is helping our readers to create for themselves a picture. It is not to criticize or to condemn the writer, though it is for showing how differently people might think in this world of many beliefs.

      As Bible researchers we naturally would love to see others also to relate to Scriptures to find the Truth, though we agree or accept that others might think their way of thinking is the truth. For us each individual has to make his or her own choice, but is only able to make a proper choice when he or she is offered several ways of looking at matters. Therefore we do not mind directing people to articles where are things exposed or written about in another line or opinion than ours.

      You being raised as a Catholic are brought up with the false human doctrine of the Trinity. We do not know if you still adhere that. But we have the impression you do.
      Having deep respect for nature is one of the tasks of a creature of God. As you rightly notice

      deep care for the planet and for other humans.

      is one of the essentials of Christianity. the article we are presenting is showing how mankind is gone far away from that what should be important in life. His materialism has killed the feeling of connection with the Maker of this all. The next article shall go deeper on this human wandering where mankind has lost connecting with nature as well as with the Divine Creator, but also got blind for the man who is the Way to That Divine Creator.

      In both articles naturally we also warn for the dangers of letting ourselves being carried away from the Biblical Truth by seek solace in pagan rites and customs.


      • Beautiful that you are allowing other to educate themselves; this journey is each ours if nothing else.

        You are incorrect in your judgement of my opinion on the trinity; very interesting that you chose to to pick that topic out of no where! Very interesting indeed. You are very welcome to read through my blogs and see where I approach life from 🙂

        I agree with much of what you say. However, I have a great faith in the Divine plan and in the wisdom that the Divine gains from all human experience, whether that aligns to the greater Universal Truths of Love and Grace or not. As I faith in the Divine, I also have faith in my fellow man, and believe that the path forward will lead to beautiful things, no matter how much we struggle to navigate that path on the way.

        Blessings to you and your calling.


        • Nicely said.

          As human beings, we all have to find better ways to live together and to come to use nature in a better way then mankind is doing now. How more souls are promoting the necessity to care for our environment how easier it will be to join hands going for a better world.

          Lovely to hear you also not only want to have great faith in the Divine Plan, but also are working for making it known by your writings. Therefore, we wish you success with that necessary undertaking.

          Liked by 1 person

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