Women of the Bible

Foremost of the many women spoken of in the Bible, as worthy of consideration, are the following:—

  • Sarah, Abraham’s wife, for her faith in God (Heb. xi. 11);
  • Deborah, for her divine patriotism (Judges iv. v.);
  • Naomi, for her maternal wisdom (Ruth i.-iv.);
  • Ruth, for her filial love, and obedience (Ruth i.-iv.);
  • Hannah, for her divine vow, and her scrupulous fulfilling there-of (1 Sam. i. 28; ii. 1-10);
  • Abigail, for her discretion, and tact (1 Sam. xxv. 14-35);
  • Esther, for her quiet but determined stand on behalf of her people (Esther iv.16);
  • Mary, for buying up her opportunities of learning from Jesus (Luke x. 38, 42);
  • Martha, for her desire to minister to the Lord’s temporal wants (Luke x. 40), in whom she had unbounded confidence (John xi. 21).

We must not forget, too, those good women who were first at the Sepulchre (John xx. 1), even as they had been last at the Cross (Luke xxiii. 49); those women who were steadfast under the persecution of Saul of Tarsus (Acts viii. 3). And, especially must be mentioned, that grand character who, the Lord said, did “What she could” ! (Mark xiv. 8).

F. G. J.

Read “Nazareth Revisited”, by R. Roberts

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