Answers Concerning Prophecies and things future

We’ll start today a series concerning prophecies made and things which we expect to happen in the future.

Answers Concerning Prophecies and things future #1

What is Prophecy?

Prophets, fortune-tellers and Prophecy

When we speak about a prophecy today we think about a statement being made in which someone says they strongly believe that a particular thing will happen, especially one made by someone with religious or magic powers  The statement being made, especially publicly or officially, being something that the person says or writes which let people know their intentions or opinions, or to record facts by the given information in a formal or definite way.

In the following articles, we mainly shall talk about the prophecies we consider to be a revelation of God’s will and designs in relation to man, and the government of the world.

In this world, there have been thousands of man who said they were a prophet or could tell the future for someone. In previous centuries we could find circuses and markets or shows where there were fortune-tellers, astrologists, and all kind of people who could read hands and predict what would happen to that person.

When we are talking about prophecy, we look at what the Divine Creator allowed to be told about matters to happen at a certain time. The Creator Himself gave lots of promises to His people and as such, He is a master of prophecy for us. He was also prepared to give insights into what would going to happen and let certain chosen people tell others what would happen in the Name of God.

Those Words of God were written down by several people who were chosen by God to do that immense task. By their willingness to notate what Jehovah God wanted them to write down, we now have His Word for our daily education but also to tell us where we’re going to. The Holy Scriptures, or The Bible, are a Book of books full of riddles, predictions and wisdom that should guide us through our daily lives, but also give a view on and hope for the future.

Prophecy may include doctrine, instruction, warning, entreaty, expostulation, or whatever Jehovah has been pleased to reveal to man. But especially and principally, prophecy is the foretelling of future events. It is a delineation of the fate of cities, nations, kingdoms, and empires; sometimes with all the minuteness of historic record. To reveal future events is solely the prerogative of Him who

“sees the end from the beginning”;

with whom all things are present — nothing past, nothing future.

Man is the medium through whom God has been pleased to reveal the purposes of His Will, and those through whom He thus communicates are called ‘Prophets’.

God has given mankind “Prophetic Writings” with His Given Word, the inspired and infallible Word of the Bible. Already in the first book of this assembly of books we find God giving a promise in the Garden of Eden. That given promise in the Royal Garden shall be the Golden Thread in the Pre-Messianic Scriptures.

The foretelling of future events, by inspiration from God, is very different from a sagacious and happy conjecture as to futurity, and from a vague and equivocal oracle, without any certain meaning. People should know that Jehovah God is the Only One Who knows everything. He knows the past as well as the future. Man can look back at what happened in the past, but to look forward is very difficult for him. He can guess or have an opinion, but what he thinks might happen is therefore not yet going to happen.

A true prophecy can come only from God; and is the highest proof of the divine origin of the message of which it is a part. Man should always ascertain what sort of message he is receiving. From who is the message and who is behind it.

God also demands us to check everything we come to hear. He also wants us to control or examine all the words and prophesies we might come to hear. A true prophecy may be known by these marks:

  • being announced at a suitable time before the event it foretells;
  • having a particular and exact agreement with that event;
  • being such as no human sagacity or foresight could produce;
  • and being delivered by one claiming to be under the inspiration of the Almighty.

Many of the prophecies of Scripture foretold events ages before they occurred  —  often names or words were used which were not yet known. Events of which there was then no apparent probability were mentioned in the Scriptures, written down on the tablets or rolls long before they happened.

In the Book of books we can hear of occurrences of which depended on innumerable contingencies, involving the history of things and the volitions of persons not then in existence; and yet these predictions were fulfilled at the time and place and in the manner prophesied.

We can hear of predictions of things to be build but also to be destroyed. We can find warnings that if people would not do this or that, such a thing would happen. It always turned out to happen like God had said it would happen. The promise made in the garden of Eden and repeated several times, spoke about someone coming to make an end to the curse of death. When people would listen to the Words of God concerning that liberator who would come, they would come to see when it was that this foretold Messiah would come on earth. From the old books, people could already come to know what a terrible thing would happen with that promised man (the promised seed). Even the betrayal, impalement, burial and resurrection were foretold. Many prophesies also concern the Chosen People of God, the Jews, of whom we can read about their evolution, their relationship with God but also their dispersion and preservation, etc..

The Scripture prophecies are a scheme of vast extent, the very earliest predictions reaching down to the end of the world’s history  —  a scheme gradually and harmoniously developed from age to age, and by many different persons, some of them not fully apprehending, and

“searching diligently what the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify,” #1Pe 1:11,

the whole manifestly the work of Jehovah, and marvellous in our eyes.

A degree of obscurity rests on the prophetic writings, which patient and prayerful study alone can dispel; while those that are yet unfulfilled must await the coming of the events, which will make all at length clear. Many predictions relating primarily to events and deliverance’s near at hand, were also designed of God as sure prophecies of yet more illustrious events in the future. For example, the general subject of the predictions in Matthew 24:1-51 is the coming of Christ, to judge his foes and deliver his friends. In penning a sketch of this subject, Matthew imitates a painter depicting from an eminence the landscape before him: the tower of the village church in the near foreground, and the mountain peak in the dim and remote horizon, rise side by side on his canvas. So in painting the coming of Christ, Matthew sketches first some features of his coming in the destruction of Jerusalem to occur within forty years, and in the next verse some distinctive features of his second coming at the end of the world; yet both belong to the same general view. {American Tract Society bible Dictionary}

The prophets we should recognise as prophets given by the Elohim, are:

the Religious leaders or Names of Persons spoken of as _:

  1. Aarón {#Ex 7:1 }
  2. Abraham {#Ge 20:7 }
  3. Agabo or Agabus {#Ac 21:10 }
  4. Ahías or Ahijah the Shilonite {#1Ki 11:29 }
  5. Amós ( Amos, who was among the herdsmen of Tekoa) {#Am 1:1 }
  6. Balaam {#Nu 22:5 }
  7. Daniel {#Mt 24:15 }
  8. David {#Mt 13:35 }
  9. Eldad {#Nu 11:26 }
  10. Elías or Elijah {#1Ki 18:36 }
  11. Eliseo or Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah {#1Ki 19:16 }
  12. Ezequiel or Ezekiel the priest and the son of Buzi {#Eze 1:3 }
  13. Gad {#1Sa 22:5 }
  14. Habacuc or Habakkuk {#Hab 1:1 }
  15. Hageo or Haggai {#Ezr 5:1 }
  16. Hananías or Hananiah {#Jer 28:17 }
  17. Oseas or Hosea {#Ho 1:1 }
  18. Iddo {#2Ch 13:22 }
  19. Isaías or Isaiah {#2Ki 19:2 }
  20. Jehú {#1Ki 16:7 }
  21. Jeremías or Jeremiah {#Jer 1:5 }
  22. Joel {#Joe 1:1 }
  23. Juan the Bautista {#Lu 7:28 }
  24. Josué or Joshua the son of Nun {#1Ki 16:34 }
  25. Jonás or Jonah {#2Ki 14:25 }
  26. Malaquías or Malachi {#Mal 1:1 }
  27. Medad {#Nu 11:26 }
  28. Micaía or Micah the Morashtite{#Jer 26:18 }
  29. Micaías or Micaiah the son of Imlah {#1Ki 22:8 }
  30. Moisés or Moses {#De 34:10 }
  31. Nahúm or Nahum the Elkoshite {#Na 1:1 }
  32. Natán or Nathan {#2Sa 7:2 }
  33. Abdías or Obadiah {#Ob 1:1 }
  34. Obed or Oded {#2Ch 28:9 }
  35. Samuel {#1Sa 3:20 }
  36. Semaías or Shemaiah {#2Ch 12:5 }
  37. Zacarías or Zacharias{#Lu 1:67 }
  38. Zacarías or Zechariah the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo {#Zec 1:1 }
  39. Sofonías or Zephaniah the son of Cushi, the son of Gedaliah, the son of Amariah, the son of Hezekiah,{#Zep 1:1 }

But the Scriptures also does give some names and warns us for false prophets and unfaithful ministers. {#De 13:5 18:22 Isa 9:15 Jer 2:8 5:31 14:14 23:16 Eze 13:2 22:28 Ho 9:7 Mic 3:5 Zep 3:4 Zec 13:3 Mt 7:15 24:11 Mr 13:22} + {#Isa 56:10 Jer 6:13 23:11 La 2:14 Eze 33:6 Mic 3:11 Php 1:15}


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