Mediator and advocate


Itis alleged that God dealt with Abraham without the intervention of a mediator, and that the Church of the Gospel Age, prospective in hours of the Abrahamic promise, as the “seed”, therefore require no mediator, though it is said ” we do need an Advocate.” Is this Scriptural?


In our articles around “Salvation and the Covenants,” reasons are given for believing that God dealt with the Patriarchs on New Covenant terms, in anticipation of the ratification of the New Covenant by the sacrifice of Christ Jesus, and its inauguration by the Holy Spirit ministration, begun at Pentecost.

The defectiveness of the reasoning used in the teaching described by the question is shown by the consideration that if the absence of a mediator between God and Abraham be granted, and that be sufficient ground for supposing that the Church needs no mediator, the same line of reasoning would prove with equal conclusiveness that, the Church needs no Advocate, because it cannot be shown by a direct statement of Scripture that Abraham had an Advocate with God. But, thanks be to God, we have over us the one Mediator, appointed to act between God and all men, and, having entered into a Covenant with God, by the Mediator’s sacrifice, we have also the benefit of Him as our Advocate or Intercessor.

— 1 Tim. 2: 4-6; Psa. 50:5; Heb. 9:15; 1 John 2:2. >

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