Restrictions in Russia because of sanctions from the West for peace mission in Ukraine.

Further restrictions in Russia may lead to resentment and to certain figures leaking information, so that the Russians will eventually hear what is really happening in Ukraine.

For months, Putin and the Americans had been taunting each other, trying to figure out how far they could go with their challenges. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin kept challenging the West and warning them not to try to do anything against him, because he would be ready with the most effective weapons to hit them.

What many people feared, that Putin was not telling the truth but preparing for war, was confirmed a fortnight ago. Early Thursday morning, the Russian military launched a multi-pronged assault on cities throughout Ukraine. On the pretext of ridding Ukraine of the many neo-Nazis and corrupt figures, Putin has presented his forces entering Ukraine as peacekeepers undertaking a mission to rid the country of terror and of all scum. This so-called peace mission could be seen as the beginning of a period that could bring us into times long ago, prophesied in the Scriptures.

Kyiv – screenshot of-a- video posted by aps-Francesca Ebel on Twitter – showing a bridge that was blown-up to prevent the advance of Russian tanks north of Kyiv.

For sure, the aggressive act of Putin and his Russian troops is triggering the greatest military crisis on the European continent since the Cold War. The world will hold Russia accountable and started taking retaliatory measures. But those sanctions will affect the ordinary citizen more than the leaders of the attacking country.

Outside Russia, civilians will also be affected by the consequences of the war and the sanctions imposed, as well as by the influx of refugees and friction that may arise between Russians living elsewhere and the inhabitants of those regions.

With a widening range of economic and financial sanctions against Russia’s leaders, businesses and public institutions, Western powers are hitting back against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to cripple the Russian economy, undermining the financial resources required for the Kremlin’s military assault and imposing personal damage on the President and those close to him. One positive facet of such an undermining could also ignite the aversion of the ordinary Russians, who already have not much to survive, but see their income and possibilities to buy necessary goods reduced.

Further restrictions in their own country may lead to resentment and to certain figures leaking information so that the Russians will eventually hear what is happening in Ukraine.

At first, there were the fairly independent regions of Donetsk and Luhansk where lots of pro-Russian Ukrainians live. But when those regions had become under fire by the Russian troops, this made those pro-Russia Ukrainians switch swords and become strong defenders of Ukrainian independence.

Putin had thought he would conquer the whole of Ukraine in three days, but now he has to face that it would not be so easy as he had hoped for. The Ukrainians have no intention of giving up lightly and are showing tremendous solidarity and unity in defending their country, whatever the cost. Some hope that the West will come to their aid, although they do not understand why Nato has not yet declared its airspace flight-free. They forget that if Nato did so it would mean the start of a world war.

Putin’s war on Europe’s doorstep has awakened all 27 member states and for the first time in history the European Union will send arms as one political entity while almost all member states are increasing their militarily budget to at least achieve the 2% threshold dictated by NATO agreements.



Dutch version > Nederlandse versie: Beperkingen in Rusland als gevolg van sancties van het Westen voor de vredesmissie in Oekraïne.


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