De Messiaanse beweging onder de loep

In de eerste eeuw van onze tijdrekening begon er een beweging op gang te geraken die de wereld zou veranderen. Rabbi Jeshua kreeg heel wat mensen rondom hem die benieuwd waren wat hij te vertellen had en om te zien welke wonderen hij weer zou verrichten. Nieuwsgierigheid is wat velen aantrok, maar er waren ook […]

Messiaans Pesach 2017 en verharde harten

In België en Nederland begint men stilaan meer te horen over Messiaansen. Sommige spreken over Messiaanse Christenen wat ons iets vreemds lijkt en dubbelzinnig. Een Christen is sowieso een gelovige in de Christus of Kristos, wat betekent dat hij alle geloof hecht aan de Messias Jezus Christus. Wij kunnen nog geloven als zij Messiaanse Joden […]

Completion of historic renovation of the Edicule

Soon many so called Christians shall celebrate their Easter with many pagan symbols. Many Christians do want the time of remembrance of the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus to come to Jerusalem and to visit the places where the master teacher walked. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, with its Aedicule or Edicule, a towering […]

Coins and artefacts along the Emperor’s Road to Jerusalem

Today there may be less Christian activity across the Middle East than at the beginning of this present time era but also today there the Christians still may have to face persecution. Archaeologists in Israel say that more than a third of the roughly 40,000 artefacts found in the country each year are linked in […]

Operation Scroll offering 12th cave findings

In the late 1940s, young Bedouin goatherds discovered a cave in the Judean Desert, bored like the path of a giant termite into the hillside. Within the cave the teenagers found something puzzling: ancient jars in rows. The jars held the first of the parchments that would come to be known as the Dead Sea […]

History and Archaeology sciences looked at #4 Nature of archaeological work #2

Archaeology ἀρχαιολογία (lit. ‘discourse on things ancient’) coming from the Greek archaia (“ancient things”), and logos (“theory or science”) has us looking at the ancient things, material remains of man’s past. Its Latin equivalent, antiquitates, yielded the English word ‘antiquities’ which long served to define a branch of historical inquiry that concerned itself with materials […]

History and Archaeology sciences looked at #3 Nature of archaeological work #1

The archaeologist is first a descriptive worker doing the systematic study of past human life and culture by the recovery and examination of remaining material, evidence, such as graves, buildings, tools, and pottery, to prove or disprove upheld ideas and to provide a thing or set of things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgement. […]