Is Ziklag being found

As Bible scholars, historians and archaeologists we would always love to find the most hidden places and love to come to know more about what happened in the past. We are fully aware that archaeology doesn’t provide 100% certainty on what we are looking for or on what we find. With our hands we are […]

Much to see in Gaza

When driving through Gaza one cannot miss all the damage of the ongoing battle between Hamas and Israel. Gaza has a “second face: the face of culture, the face of tourism,” says Hassouna, who teaches archaeology at Gaza’s Islamic University. “We want to be Gaza open, for the people, for the world. Only that.” Records […]

The Place of destructive games of both the Israeli government and Hamas

In the Bible we can find a peaceful region which in our days has become very difficult to get a reasonable picture from. Worse than in Roman times it is now a place of indiscriminate assaults on civilian populations. Confined in the crowded, sandy coast enclave of 2 million, where poverty and unemployment hover around […]

From ancient Greece to ancient Judea: The Hellenization of Jewish culture

From the time of Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C.E., Jews lived in a world in which Greek culture carried a certain prestige and offered a route to political influence. Hellenistic and Roman-era art from the Biblical world shines a spotlight on Judean identity and cultural influences during a formative period in the […]

Love your neighbour as yourself

You must love your neighbor as yourself.​—Jas. 2:8. James added: “If you continue showing favoritism, you are committing sin.” (Jas. 2:9) In contrast, love will move us to avoid any discrimination based on education, race, or social status. Indeed, impartiality needs to be more than a veneer. It must be a genuine part of our […]

Aimer le prochain comme lui-même

Tu dois aimer ton prochain comme toi-​même (Jacq. 2:8). Jacques a ajouté: « Si vous continuez à faire du favoritisme, vous commettez un péché » (Jacq. 2:9). L’amour ne fait pas de discrimination basée sur l’instruction, la race ou le niveau social. Nous ne devons pas faire semblant d’être impartiaux: l’impartialité doit faire vraiment partie […]

Den Nachbarn wie sich selbst lieben

Du sollst deinen Nächsten lieben wie dich selbst (Jak. 2:8) Jakobus fügte hinzu: „Wenn ihr . . . fortfahrt, Parteilichkeit zu bekunden, so begeht ihr Sünde“ (Jak. 2:9). Wenn wir Menschen lieben, diskriminieren wir niemand aufgrund seiner Bildung, Herkunft oder seines sozialen Status. Unparteilichkeit darf nicht aufgesetzt sein. Sie muss ein echter Teil unserer Persönlichkeit sein. Liebe ist […]