Nineteenth and Twentieth Century English: Change and Continuity in the Language.

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Grammarians and Reformers: William Cobbett (1763-35), the self-educated farmer’s son from Farnham in Surrey, who had served in the army in Canada from 1785 to 1791, then returned to England to become a journalist. He began a weekly newspaper, The Political Register, in 1802 as a Tory, but soon became converted…

Seal bearing the name Isaiah

News just out: a seal bearing the name ‘Isaiah’ has just been discovered. In the rite time period for Isaiah the prophet. See: Full article from BAR here: The attribution to Isaiah the prophet is not certain. But even finding the name Isaiah from this period (the correct period for Isaiah’s life) […]

Marketing the Bible:  affiliative groups and special-purpose editions

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I think it had been more than 15 years since I perused a CBD (Christian book Distributors) catalog, and the number of pages devoted to Bibles has probably doubled since that time.  Among the new offerings are study Bibles published with notes by famous folks.  In addition to the emphases…

Brian Simmons and The Passion Translation Deception

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The Passion Translation (paraphrase) and the ministry of Brian Simmons is a fine example of what is wrong with a portion of the charismatic church.  Leaders and teachers within the “ movement” that embrace preterism and Kingdom Now/Dominionism or Seven Mountain Mandate (or whatever branch of NAR beliefs are popular…

Verwaarloosde geboortedag en sterfplaats 2 Rotsgraf, Beenderdoos en Grafkerk

De Romeinse keizer Constantijn I had in 325 voorzien dat de kerkvaders zich naar de wensen van het Romeinse Rijk plooiden, waarbij zij dan konden rekenen op een opheffing van de vervolging. hij verzorgde ook dat de geboorteplaats en de begraafplaats van de joodse leermeester een ereplaatsje kon krijgen in de verzameling van bijzondere plaatsen […]

Worte zuzuschreiben jeden Menschen geschrieben

“32 Denn frage doch nach den vorigen Tagen, die vor dir gewesen sind, von dem Tage an, da Gott den Menschen auf der Erde geschaffen hat, und von einem Ende des Himmels bis zum anderen Ende des Himmels, ob je eine solch große Sache geschehen, oder ob desgleichen gehört worden sei. 33 Hat je ein […]

Bible Translating and Concordance Making

Traduttore traditore, “the translator is a traitor,” is an an­cient proverb oft quoted in books about Bible translations. To a degree this proverb is true, for no translation can perfectly bring over all the meaning and nuances of one language into another. Because no two languages share identical grammar and an iden­tical range of word […]