My Beliefs and the World

It may sound very naive, but I do believe in a Higher Supreme Being which created everything. He allows everybody and everything to be around in this universe, and we should respect His Will of allowing all things to exist.

In my life I made the choice not to follow the world, but to follow the chosen prophet and only begotten son of God, the Jewish Nazarene born in Bethlehem in 4 bCE. This man born in a special manner was of the lineage of King David and was already spoken of for a long time by the many prophets God had sent to the world. As the first son of Miriam or Mary/Maria as she is more commonly known and Joseph, he got the name Yahushua or Jeshua, but became more know as Jesus Christ. As the promised Messiah he brought the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. I belief his death at the stake, was as a piece offering, a last final offer of the Lamb of God, which gave all people in the world to be saved from their sins (the little and big faults or bad doings).

English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...

English: Jesus Christ – detail from Deesis mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In every human being there are elements of God, because they are all created in the image of God. This means that every person has good things in him or her, and has a certain instinct for how to behave are to know what is good or wrong. In a way, I do believe, that as such, every person is given the opportunity to come for and find the Truth. The only thing is they have to be willing, voluntary, to go and look for the truth and being prepared to work at their own personality.

Each person is given enough time to work out his life and to come to the Truth, but at the end he or she shall not have any excuses any more to be pardoned. We always should prepare ourselves to be ready any moment to face our inevitable death. As we all have a beginning, like Christ Jesus had a beginning, being born, we all shall have an end to our live, as Christ Jesus did, with our death. By death we shall have paid for our sins and we shall not have to undergo any other punishment any more. All things we assembled in our life we can not take them with us in our grave. We shall not be able to do anything in our sepulchre,  or any sort of afterlife people might think there would be, with all the money saved while we were on this earth, working hard or not. According to the Bible when we die it is finished and we shall be in a state like before we were born, knowing nothing and not able to do anything.

But after Jesus died, I believe that God erected him from the dead, and took him up high in the skies, with Him in heaven, to be seated at His right hand to be the mediator between God and men.

In this world we all have to take our own responsibility. When we are willing to open our mind and to listen to our heart, God is prepared to guide us through this life, to make the best out of it.

By grace we are saved and now we can go directly to our heavenly Father to ask for what we need to fit His rules and live according to His Will.

Those who are willing to accept the Message bearer Jesus as their Saviour shall be able to find already many blessings in this life, fro which we can thank God, the Lord of the Lord of lords.

Though there may be many gods in this world, we should only adhere to the One and Only God, Jehovah, our Father in heaven, the Elohim Hashem.


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7 thoughts on “My Beliefs and the World

  1. You have a very interesting blog. Just a clarification:
    But after Jesus died, I believe that God erected him from the dead, and took him up high in the skies, with Him in heaven, to be seated at His right hand to be the mediator between God and men.”..
    Did you mean “God resurrected” rather than “God erected” him from the dead?


  2. What I meant is that God raised Jesus, or set Jesus up right (According Chamber 20° Century Dictionary: “erect”). Jesus was resurged or restored to life. His previous situation was being in the death and now he came to life again by the power of God (not by his own power). Though Jesus was not disintered (from: disinter/disintür) as many think. He was not taken out of the earth by God, but walked out himself out of the grave. His body was not snatched away, but stayed for a while on the earth.
    With letting him to come sit upright, God raised him or resurrected the man Jesus. (So yes you also could say there was a resuscitation.)This taking out of the dead was as an example what could happen also to us. After the disinterment Jesus stayed some time with the apostles, and only later was taken up in the sky by his Father, to come and sit next to God our Father.
    The taking up into the skys happened much later. After the resurrection Jesus stayed for a while with his disciples.


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