Eerste stappen die leidden naar een loskoopoffer 2 Lot na daad van ongehoorzaamheid

Adam en Eva (Lilith ) die in de Hof van Eden waren geplaatst, kozen zelf voor hun gedrag (ongehoorzaamheid). Aan hun lag het om Gods Wil te volgen. God had deze Wil kenbaar gemaakt, maar zij zelf besloten om er tegen in te gaan. Hij had hun verwekt (of gemaakt) en zodoende was Hij ‘Vader‘ […]

Eerste stappen die leidden naar een loskoopoffer 1 Mens geplaatst in wereld van groen en andere levende wezens

In een “A Ransom for all 1 Eternal torment” schrijven wij dat al van de vroegste tijden tot de hedendaagse dag de noodzaak er was bij de mens om uit te kijken naar het offeren van het leven voor boete doeleinden of voor verzoening. Zij die geloven in een Oppermachtige God hopen met offers hun boetebetuiging […]

A Ransom for all 3 Seeing Him as He is

In the previous two chapters we have seen that the first human beings took a wrong direction and had their relationship to God damaged. We also saw that there was a need of a redemption price for which God could not be the stand in or become an incarnation and play a man. As such […]

A Ransom for all 2 Corresponding price

Divine Justice requires the punishment of disobedience, and cannot allow the guilty to be cleared.(Exodus 34: 6, 7; Rom. 3: 19.) This is the basis of God‘s dealings; “Justice and judgment are the habitation of Thy throne.” (Psa. 89: 14; 97: 2.) He is ” the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither […]

A Ransom for all 1 Eternal torment

From earliest times to the present day, the necessity of sacrifice of life for expiatory purposes has persisted as an idea in the human mind. This necessity was illustrated at the first by the coats of skins which the Lord God made for Adam and Eve after sentence had been pronounced on account of their […]

The Field is the World #4 Many who leave the church

At the end of the 20th century lots of Roman Catholics in our regions had enough of their church which had seemed to have told many lies and had protected lots of clergy who had abused minors. The sex-abuses of the previous century made lots of people very cross with church, and strangely enough instead […]

The Field is the World #3 Germans leaving the State Church

In continuation of looking back to what happened in previous century and how it influenced today’s church, we republish some writings from the Bible Students magazine “The New C o v e n a n t  A d v o c a t e”  of April, 1909 Desertions from the State Church in Germany are […]