Hebrew Language #2 The name “Hebrew” and Speech of Canaan

Arthur Ernest Cowley looking at Hebrew speech and writing.

Discovery of the terracotta statue of a Greek god, unique artefact of the Northern Black Sea Region

Under direction of Sergei Olkhovskiy, Chief of the underwater archaeology unit of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian constructors have found  the head of a 2,500-year-old terracotta statue of a Greek god during underwater construction operation off the Crimean Peninsula. Sergei Olkhovskiy says that the discovery of the terracotta is a unique artefact of the […]

Royal seal of King Hezekiah found near southern part of the wall surrounding Jerusalem’s Old City

It seems that Muslims are not pleased with the exhumations archaeologists made of an ancient discovery which is the first of its kind according to researchers. Much to the dismay of the Arab settlers, it proves Israel’s existence long before Palestine was even a thought. King Hezekiah ruled around 700 BCE and was described in […]