Oded Borowski his ‘Indiana Jones’ moment at Tell Halif

Oded Borowski in the summer of 1987 was with a team of the Lahav Research Project (LRP) conducting its seventh field season at the site of Tell Halif in southern Israel. At that time, they were conducting some experiments with ground penetrating radar (GPR), a new technology that had not yet been used for archaeological […]

Ancient Jerusalem had not just one temple

An Iron Age temple near Jerusalem has upended the idea that the ancient Kingdom of Judah had just one temple

Ancient Samaria and Jerusalem

Jill Katz on urban anthropology in the capitals of Israel and Judah Ancient Samaria and Jerusalem had a lot in common in the ninth and eighth centuries B.C.E. Both were part of David and Solomon’s United Kingdom of Israel in the tenth century, and both became capitals when it split into the southern kingdom of […]