Answers Concerning Prophecies and things future

Introduction to a series of articles on prophecy with a look at the Biblical background.

Seal bearing the name Isaiah

News just out: a seal bearing the name ‘Isaiah’ has just been discovered. In the rite time period for Isaiah the prophet. See: Full article from BAR here: The attribution to Isaiah the prophet is not certain. But even finding the name Isaiah from this period (the correct period for Isaiah’s life) […]

Atonement And Fellowship 6/8

There is great emphasis in Exodus 26 that the tabernacle was ” one” , joined together in such a way that taught the lesson of unity. The spiritual tabernacle, the believers, was ” pitched” by the Lord- translating a Greek word which suggests ‘crucifixion‘ (Hebrews 8:2). Through the cross, the one, united tabernacle was pitched. […]