Armageddon – City of Megiddo

In our last article concerning many questions posted to us, we come to take a look at Megiddo and the “plain of Megiddo” which with its strategic location has been the site of many ancient battles and is described to be part of a later Big Battle. It has been claimed that more battles have been held in Megiddo than at any other place on the earth. Cline (2002) counts a least 34 wars at Megiddo from ~2350 BCE to CE 2000.

Michael the Great Prince

Answers Concerning Prophecies and things future #9 Michael the Great Prince “At that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the children of my people “(Dan. xii. 1). Dr. Thomas, in writing upon this verse, says: “The smiting of the Image, the breaking of the Goat’s Little Horn, and the binding […]

God son king and his subjects

For those who believe that Jesus is God and that he is the king, there needs to be established why now in heaven, Jesus is not sitting on the throne of God, but at the right hand of the one we consider to be the Almighty God. For those who think Jesus is God who […]