Paul Sloan on “What makes a good Biblical Scholar or Theologian?”

Photo credit: Houston Baptist University Sometimes you just need four concise points to deliver a compelling message. Paul Sloan does that for us in this week’s edition of “What makes a good biblical scholar or theologian?” “Fascination with the project” – if you’re not interested in the topic you’re researching, you’ll burn out. “Purposeful reading” […]

Digging in words, theories and artefacts

The Bijbelvorser or Bibleresearcher A “Bijbelvorser” is a person who does “vorsen”  or does research, study the Bible, explores, delves into the Bible. A “Bijbelvorser”, a Bibleresearcher or Biblestudent is a person who tries to do diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into the subject of Biblical matters in order to discover or revise facts, […]

Graven in woorden, theorieën en artefacten

De Bijbelvorser of Bijbelresearcher Een “Bijbelvorser” is een persoon die aan  “Vorsen” doet of onderzoek doet in de studie van de Bijbel, deze verkent of ‘duikt’ in de Bijbel. Een “Bijbelvorser”, “Bijbelstudent“, “Bijbelonderzoeker” of Bibleresearcher ook gekend onder “Biblestudent” is een persoon die probeert om ijverig en systematisch navraag of onderzoek te doen naar het […]

Bible in the first place #3/3

Following a Master teacher or human scholar? Men’s words Archaeologist Sir Charles Marston in his book ‘The Bible Is True’  said, we are too quick to “accept without a murmur many of the speculations of modern writers” who attacked the integrity of the Bible. This is still be true today. It would be foolish​—if not […]