Verzoening en Broederschap 8 Samenkomende deelgenoten

Het “Koninkrijk van God” is niet alleen een toekomstige politieke entiteit die zal opgericht worden op de aarde; de term verwijst ook naar alles waar God nu Koningschap over heeft. U kunt geen Koninkrijk hebben zonder een koning en zijn volk. Gods volk vormt Zijn Koninkrijk, hier en nu. Het is door braaf of gehoorzaam […]

Verzoening en Broederschap 4 Deelgenoten in Christus

De oprichting van het ene lichaam was een direct gevolg van Jezus zijn dood. Het Griekse woord voor “fellowship,” “broederschap” of “gemeenschap“, koinonia, wordt gebruikt buiten het Nieuwe Testament om te verwijzen naar de gezamenlijke delen van een gemeenschappelijk eigendom van mensen. Wij zijn “in gemeenschap” met elkaar op grond van onze relatie tot een […]

Verzoening en Broederschap 1 Getrouwheid en vergoeding

Verzoening en gemeenschap in en door Christus Een genade over de mensheid gekomen en een Koninkrijk In de reeks over “Atonement“ en “Fellowship“ werd er gesproken over de verzoening en de genade die over de wereldgemeenschap is gekomen. Eveneens werd er op gewezen dat het “Koninkrijk van God” niet alleen een toekomstige politieke entiteit is  […]

Atonement And Fellowship 8/8

The “Kingdom of God” is not only a future political entity to be established on earth; the term refers also to whatever God has Kingship over now. You can not have a Kingdom without having a king and his people. God’s people are His Kingdom, here and now.  It is by listening obediently to what […]

Atonement And Fellowship 7/8

Jesus prayed for those who will trust in him because of the words written down in the Holy Scriptures. Jesus prayed that they may all be one, just as the Father, is united with him and he with us. Together we should united with each other and united with Jesus and with Jehovah God. There […]

Atonement And Fellowship 6/8

There is great emphasis in Exodus 26 that the tabernacle was ” one” , joined together in such a way that taught the lesson of unity. The spiritual tabernacle, the believers, was ” pitched” by the Lord- translating a Greek word which suggests ‘crucifixion‘ (Hebrews 8:2). Through the cross, the one, united tabernacle was pitched. […]

Atonement And Fellowship 5/8

We do have the assurance that following and honouring Jesus shall have the Father honouring us.  We do want to listen to the Voice of God which did not come for Jesus’s sake but for ours. It is high time to come together and to meet in peace, loving each other as brothers and sisters. […]

Atonement And Fellowship 4/8

The creation of the one body was a direct result of Jesus his death. The Greek word for “fellowship“, koinonia, is used outside the New Testament to refer to peoples’ joint sharing of a common property. We are “in fellowship” with each other by reason of our relation to a greater whole in which we […]

Atonement And Fellowship 3/8

When we call ourselves Christian it should be Christ who brought us together through his death on the wooden stake. We were redeemed in one body by the torture post which got us to embrace, and that was the end of the hostility. Christ came and preached peace to all the outsiders and peace to […]

Atonement And Fellowship 2/8

There are so many people who mock the followers of Christ. They are like those who stare and stare at the obvious, but can’t see the forest for the trees. We should go looking for a clear example of someone on Christ’s side, not to quickly cutting some one out. How many times does it […]

Atonement And Fellowship 1/8

Atonement is the act of atoning or to reconcile. Especially we mean the reconciliation, or calling together, of God and man by means of the birth and death of Christ Jesus. To atone also means to make at one or to give satisfaction or make reparation. To make up for deficiencies and to agree or […]

Missional hermeneutics 4/5

Recognising Message For us who study the Bible as believers, it is also important that we recognise the message Jesus delivered from God to his kinsmen, the Jews. But Jesus did not came only for them. He came to proclaim the Word of God for the whole world. He brought a call to repentance from […]