Hebrew Language #12 Hebrew Literature #9 Medieval scholarship

Medieval scholarship To return to the period of the Geōnīm. While the schools of Babylonia were flourishing as the religious head of Judaism, the West, and especially Spain under Moorish rule, was becoming the home of Jewish scholarship. On the breaking up of the schools many of the fugitives fled to the West and helped […]

Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Ancient History Documentary

**   Please look further after the advert for MagellanTV, to find Part 1: 1947. – Pt 6 goes about the Life of Jesus, the Son of God.

Josephus, Masada heroes and ancient Jewish rebels

After the fall of Jerusalem Emperor Titus returned to Rome and received a triumphant welcome. At the same time, the Romans began to restore order in Judaea by putting down any final resistance and regaining control of the last few strongholds held by Zealots. The last and longest of these final encounters was the Siege […]

Vertrouwelijke geschriften

Uit ons Multiply archief: Sep 12, ’11 De Joodse Talmoed en Mishah/Mishna of Misjna (Joodse Wetten) verwijzen herhaaldelijk naar Jezus van Nazareth, zijn smadelijke dood enz.,zij het evenwel in negatieve zin, wat echter juist daardoor een waardevoller getuigenis maakt. Zijn broer was niet de enige schrijver die over hem rapporteerde. Ook andere volgelingen van hem […]

Archaeology and the Bible researcher 1/4

Knowing what happened in previous times For the Bible researcher it is important to know what happened in the time when the Books of the Bible were written. He is interested in the logos (the word but also the “theory or science”) from the ancient times. As such Achaia (from the Greek meaning “ancient things) […]