De doden – Waar zijn ze? 25 De Tweede Dood

In de hof van Eden werd de dood uitgesproken als straf voor de daar begane overtreding, en het gehele Adamische ras werd daarin betrokken. Dit was het ongelukkige resultaat van het eerste grote oordeel over ons ras. – Rom. 5:12,16. ” Daarom, gelijk door één mens de zonde in de wereld gekomen is, en door […]

The Dead — Where Are They? 25 The Second Death

The Second Death In the Garden of Eden, death was pronounced as the penalty for the transgression there committed, and the whole of the Adamic race was involved in it. This was the unfortunate result of the first great Judgment of our race. — Rom. 5:12,16. “ Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into […]

Long Life during the Millennium

When believing Jesus would come back and then install the Kingdom of God where people shall be able to live in peace, without having an end to their life, people wonder how that is going to be for the sort of life, in what sort of houses, how being clothed, being married or not, still […]

Sacrifices in the Millennium

The return of Jesus will herald in the age to come! We do know that the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory and that at that time there shall begin a major increase of the kingdom of God, that shall not be threatened by its enemies anymore after Lucifer’s attempt to overthrow […]