Bijbelvorser or Biblescholar 2012-2014 in review

On September 22 in 2012 we said Hello world! on WordPress. We came to this means of blogging because Multiply finished its services. Therefore we, like many, previously on Windows Live or from MSN we also had to face our Ending Multiply relationship. At Multiply we did not often present personal writings, but where more […]

Retrieving some older articles previously placed on Multiply

A few years back, on the MSN Groups I wrote some articles and responded to certain articles of others. Hereof there is nothing to find back. Even from the Messenger or Microsoft Life and MSN Spaces (Windows Live Spaces) there is nothing but from the subsequent transferee Multiply I did have some postings. What happened […]

Plaatsing van oudere artikelen

Op de MSN Groups / MSN Groepen schreef ik enkele artikelen en reageerde op bepaalde artikels van anderen. Hiervan iets niets meer terug te vinden. Ook van de Messenger of Microsoft Life en MSN Spaces (Windows Live Spaces) is er niets meer, maar van de latere overnemer Multiply heb ik wel nog enkele ‘postings’. Wat […]