Operation Scroll offering 12th cave findings

In the late 1940s, young Bedouin goatherds discovered a cave in the Judean Desert, bored like the path of a giant termite into the hillside. Within the cave the teenagers found something puzzling: ancient jars in rows. The jars held the first of the parchments that would come to be known as the Dead Sea […]

The Great revolt and Many stories concealed

The Jews were really fed up with the Romans who conquered their land and told them what to do or not to do. From 63 BCE they had taken the power and demanded money from the Jews. It is this taxing which annoyed them very much and got three revolts coming over the nation. Roman […]

Simcha Jacobovicis kijk op de duif en nagels in de dode Zee rollen

John Hendricks, oprichter van Discovery Channel bracht in maart op ‘s werelds eerste streaming-dienst uitsluitend gewijd aan documentaires, CuriosityStream,  Simcha Jacobovici zijn onderzoek naar de Dode Zee rollen. De ontdekking van de Dode Zeerollen tussen 1946 en 1956, eerst door bedoeïenen geiten-kuddehoeders en vervolgens door archeologen, in grotten aan de oevers van de Dode Zee, […]

Qumran rollen

Tussen 1947 en 1952 werden in elf grotten bij Qumran aan de Dode Zee honderden rollen gevonden. De rollen, vervaardigd van leer en papyrus, werden bijna allemaal in fragmenten aangetroffen. De teksten op deze oude Joodse rollen zijn voor een groot deel geschreven door de Quamran-sekte, ook wel de Essenen genoemd. (Archeologische opgravingen in Qumran […]

Simcha Jacobovici finding references to Jesus in Dead Sea Scrolls

John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel on the world’s first streaming service devoted exclusively to documentaries, CuriosityStream, presented in March Simcha Jacobovici his investigation into The Dead Sea Scrolls. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls between 1946 and 1956, first by Bedouin goat-herds and then by archaeologists, in caves on the shores of […]

Dead Sea Scrolls available at the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls digitization project

Between the 2nd century bce and 2nd century ce the majority of the Dead Sea Scrolls were written. During this time, different Judean groups struggled to obtain and maintain political and religious leadership. As primary sources, the Dead Sea Scrolls shed light on these historical events and explore the ways that various Jews of the […]