Hebrew Language #4 Hebrew Literature #1 Old Testament

Hebrew Literature by Arthur Ernest Cowley Old Testament-Scriptures. Properly speaking, “Hebrew Literature” denotes all works written in the Hebrew language. In catalogues and bibliographies, however, the expression is now generally used, conveniently if incorrectly, as synonymous with Jewish literature, including all works written by Jews in Hebrew characters, whether the language be Aramaic, Arabic or […]

Dit is het Land: Samaria

Samaria ook bekend als Jibāl Nāblus, “Nabloes Gebergte” is een historische en bijbelse naam die wordt gebruikt voor de centrale regio van het oude land Israël, begrensd door Galilea in het noorden en Judea in het zuiden.

Ancient Samaria and Jerusalem

Jill Katz on urban anthropology in the capitals of Israel and Judah Ancient Samaria and Jerusalem had a lot in common in the ninth and eighth centuries B.C.E. Both were part of David and Solomon’s United Kingdom of Israel in the tenth century, and both became capitals when it split into the southern kingdom of […]

Rupert Chapman looking at Samaria — Capital of Israel

Rupert Chapman — formerly of the British Museum, London — examines the Israelite kings’ palace at Samaria in his article “Samaria—Capital of Israel,” published in the September/October 2017 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review. In the Bible, King Ahab’s palace is called an “ivory house” (2 Kings 22:39). We know from other Biblical passages that Ahab […]