Women of the Bible

Foremost of the many women spoken of in the Bible, as worthy of consideration, are the following:— Sarah, Abraham’s wife, for her faith in God (Heb. xi. 11); Deborah, for her divine patriotism (Judges iv. v.); Naomi, for her maternal wisdom (Ruth i.-iv.); Ruth, for her filial love, and obedience (Ruth i.-iv.); Hannah, for her […]

Toepassing van het nieuwe verbond

Het Nieuwe Verbond werd ingesteld om het Wetsverbond te vervangen en nu zou de eerste taak van het Nieuwe Verbond zijn om de leden te ontwikkelen die zich bij Jezus zouden voegen als het “Zaad”.

Why you should read the Apocrypha

Saint Athanasius of Alexandria. Source: Wikipedia Did you know that Athanasius, Cogent of the Trinity, recommended reading the Apocrypha? In his 39th Festal Letter, after giving us one of the earliest canon lists, he writes the following: “…there are other books besides these not indeed included in the Canon but appointed by the Fathers to […]

Ismaël “lachte” niet enkel maar was “Issaking”

Wanneer Sarah haar zoon baart, noemt ze hem “Izaäk” (Isaak) (יצחק; Yitzhaq), zeggende: “God heeft gelach (צחק; tzhoq) voor mij gemaakt; iedereen die hoort, zal met me lachen (יצחק; yitzhaq) “(Genesis 21: 6). Op de dag dat Izaäk wordt gespeend, geeft Abraham een feestmaal waarop “Sara zag [Ismaël], de zoon van Hagar, de Egyptenaar, die […]

Ishmael not merely “laughing” but “Issac-ing”

When Sarah gives birth to her son, she names him “Isaac” (יצחק; Yitzhaq), saying, “God has made laughter (צחק; tzhoq) for me; everyone who hears will laugh (יצחק; yitzhaq) with me” (Genesis 21:6). On the day that Isaac is weaned, Abraham gives a celebratory feast at which “Sarah saw [Ishmael] the son of Hagar the […]

Keturah concubine of patriarch Abraham

Abraham had several concubines of which Keturah was one of those bondmaids or woman bondservant or unmarried female serf or slave.

The Covenants – Summary

“Now, of the things which we have spoken, this is the sum.” It has been seen that salvation from sin and death, the prime necessity of our race, has been provided in the divine purpose. Pursuant to the accomplishment of His purpose, God covenanted with Abraham that the blessing to all the families of the […]

The Application of the New Covenant

The New Covenant was instituted to supersede the Law Covenant and now the first task of the New Covenant would be to develop the members to be joined with Jesus as the “Seed.”