Dit is het Land: Joppe/Jaffa

Bijbelse landstreken, steden en dorpen, toen en nu: Joppe of Jaffa: oude havenstad in Israël De havenplaats Jaffa, vroeger Joppe geheten (mooi, schoon, prachtig) is een al van oudsher bewoonde plaats. Rond 2000 v.G.T. wordt Jaffa al vermeld bij de toewijzing van het erfdeel van de stam Dan (Jozua 19:46). En koning Salomo, die de […]

What is a Tel?

Originally posted on Tours to the Holy Land:
Tel Bet She’an and the Roman Cardo (street) A “Tel” is not short for telephone, nor is it a habit that gives you away….a Tel is the site of an ancient city and most are Biblical. In the Old Testament, God instructs the Israelites to destroy pagan cities, leave them…

Royal seal of King Hezekiah found near southern part of the wall surrounding Jerusalem’s Old City

It seems that Muslims are not pleased with the exhumations archaeologists made of an ancient discovery which is the first of its kind according to researchers. Much to the dismay of the Arab settlers, it proves Israel’s existence long before Palestine was even a thought. King Hezekiah ruled around 700 BCE and was described in […]