Biblical Archaeology: Past, Present and Future

Biblical Archaeology: Past, Present and Future

Biblical archaeology has come a long way since its early days a century ago, when American and European Bible scholars and archaeologists directed excavations with the intent of unearthing physical evidence for the people and events described in the Bible.

Today, dozens of field projects are using cutting-edge technologies to answer questions about the ancient world and the Bible’s historical context while offering volunteers the chance to get their hands dirty digging into the past.

The BAS 2019 St. Olaf Summer Seminar brings a lecture series where two co-directors of excavations in Israel will give their unique perspectives on biblical archaeology’s past and present, plus offer some predictions about its future.

Meet your scholars-in-residence

Jennie Ebeling

Jennie Ebeling is Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Evansville in Indiana and Co-director of the Jezreel Expedition in Israel. Dr. Ebeling is passionate about her field of study and is a favoured speaker on the lecture circuit. Join her this July at St. Olaf College to be enthused and inspired! An excellent educator and a strong speaker with many visual aids, Ebeling received her institution’s 2014 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award for her undergraduate program on Near East, Egypt, and Syria-Palestine archaeology.

“Well-researched, interesting, easy-to-understand… and enthusiastic!”

~BAS St. Olaf 2016 attendee

Robert (Bob) Mullins

Robert (Bob) Mullins is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies at Azusa Pacific University in California. Mullins offers a well-organized, engaging and informative presentation—often including interesting personal side stories and making ample time for your questions. Come join the relaxed learning and fun environment at St. Olaf this summer with this seasoned pro! Dr. Mullins worked as a research assistant to Professor Amihai Mazar in the Beth-Shean Valley. He now co-directs the Joint Expedition to Abel Beth Maacah.

“Academic and well-studied presenter, yet very entertaining too!”

~BAS Fest 2018 attendee

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