A Voice to give in May 2019

In the 15th century, the invention of the Gutenberg press meant that every literate Christian could read the Bible for themselves. This sowed the seeds for the Protestant reformation in which the self-interpreted Bible supplanted the church magisterium as the basic authority for Christian teaching. In the 21st century, the Internet and specifically the blogosphere and […]

Bijbelvorsers Blogging annual report and 2015 in review

The last few years people began to see social media as a portfolio of their life events, a competition to top each other who’s got the most interesting life stories. In 2015 we saw more smombies walking over the streets and sitting as individuals sitting on an other planet, in the tube, train, or bus. […]

Drie jaren en terugkijkend op meerdere decennia

Van Word Press ontving ik het bericht Gelukkige verjaardag met WordPress.com! U schreef zich in op WordPress.com 3 jaar geleden! Bedankt voor het meevliegen met ons. Blijf het goed bloggen onderhouden! 144 postings werden er tot nu toe geplaatst (deze van Multiply overgebracht incluis). Dat is niet veel en er was niet zo’n regelmaat, maar […]

Three years ago and look back at several decennials ago

From Word Press I received the notice Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging! 144 postings were placed, which is not much and there was not such a regularity, but on other Christadelphian sites people could find enough material to think […]

Misvattingen over C.T.Russell

Origineel werden dit artikel “Misvattingen over C.T.Russell ” en de Engelse versie “Misunderstandings concerning C.T. Russell” op bijbelvorsers Webs geplaatst. Mits die website in de nabije toekomst kan (zal) verdwijnen wensen wij hij toch voor alle zekerheid de tekst te herplaatsen zodat deze niet veloren zal gaan. Op 4 maart 2011 schreven wij om 1:40 […]

Creator and Blogger God 10 A Blog of a Book 4 Listening to the Blogger

Listening to the Blogger The difference between the thinking of man and the ways of God is huge. Man may talk a lot and today we do find a lot of blogs on the internet. When there was not such a mean to communicate, God used another way, but not less sufficient. He provided the […]