Decrease in church attendance not only a recent feature #2 The Mystery

Because the church of Christendom had taught a lot of things not in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, people by the 19th century started seriously concerned about truth and about the necessity to follow the main church. But people could have hope the gospel being preached in more places. More people also starting to think about a “little flock” that has been sought during the Gospel age.


Decrease in church attendance not only a recent feature #1 Methodist Church of Victoria and Tasmania

In Australia at the beginning of the 20th century the Methodist Church of Victoria and Tasmania had to encounter a serious decrease in their membership.

Die Verzauberung der Welt – Jörg Lauster

Originally posted on Gelezen door Harmen:
Een bijzonder interessant boek in goed te volgen Duits. Hier kun je geen samenvatting van geven zonder het boek zelf over te schrijven. De cultuurgeschiedenis van het Christendom. Hoe het kwam, hoe het ging, waarom en hoe men kerken ging bouwen, de verschillende christelijke stromingen. De invloed van de…

Place for a fifth and sixth house in Christendom

It looks like we have come in a time several people are not pleased to feel as if they are shunned by one or more religious groups where they normally would belong to. In the midst of previous century it started by some non-trinitarian groups who wanted others to know the Holy Name of God. […]

Offers van mensen onvolkomen tegenover het volmaakte slachtoffer door God te leveren 1

Door de misstap of verkeerd gaan van de eerste man en vrouw (Adam en Eva) kwam de mens onder de straf van de dood te staan. Het verlangen om de gelijke aan God te zijn is iets wat de gehele mensheid heeft blijven lastig vallen of tot verleiding brengen. Noch steeds zijn er mensen die […]

A Ransom for all 1 Eternal torment

From earliest times to the present day, the necessity of sacrifice of life for expiatory purposes has persisted as an idea in the human mind. This necessity was illustrated at the first by the coats of skins which the Lord God made for Adam and Eve after sentence had been pronounced on account of their […]

The Field is the World #1 Church Union

From the old publications: T h e  N e w  C o v e n a n t  A d v o c a te  April, 1909 Movements toward Reunion and Intercommunion of the churches are on foot in all parts of Christendom. As far as Rome is concerned, there is no hope that such […]