Dit is het Land: Caesarea

Bijbelse landstreken, steden en dorpen, toen en nu Caesarea Door toedoen van Octavianus, de latere Caesar Augustus, kreeg Herodes de Grote in 30 v.G.T. het gebied ten zuiden van de Karmel in bezit. Hij bouwde met zijn energieke bouwdrift de havenstad Caesarea. Met kolossale dammen in de Middellandse Zee: een rechte van ca. 250 m, […]

Lees - Taal - Bijbellezen - Lezen

Hoe leest u? – Wat leest u?: Dat doen ze trouwens ook met de overige geschriften

Petrus wijst in zijn brief er op dat sommigen aan de woorden van Paulus een andere uitleg geven dan dat hij er mee bedoelde. Petrus herinnert zijn lezers er aan dat die ‘eindtijd’, waarmee hij de periode van de verwoesting van Jeruzalem voor ogen heeft, zich volgens datzelfde woord van Jezus zou kenmerken door valse leer en valse leraars.

2020 World Time to pause

The first trimester of 2020 was one which overtook us all. The corona crisis and lockdown will leave some traces for some time, have an impact for several years. Lots of people in many countries got limited where they could go and were restricted in their life contacts. Churches were closed and lots of people […]

Wes Bredenhof on Abraham Kuyper

Going further to look at Abraham Kuyper we must take in consideration the many Bijbelvorsers or Bible researchers who protested in the 12th and 16th century and at the statement of the Reformed faith in 37 articles written by Guido de Brès Confessio Belgica (Belgic Confession) which was being deleted by the General Synod 1905 of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland).

In this article we also review how Wes Bredenhof looks at Kuyper and his evolution of faith.

Does Religion Have Any Place In Culture?

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“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” — Abraham Kuyper. In the wake of the?heart?retching?events that occurred in Northern Ireland?regarding the murder of Lyra McKee,?I can’t help being continually haunted…

Protestant denominations of the Low Countries and Abraham Kuyper

A look at the 19th century Low Countries situation in religion and politics and AP, the National Journal of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCA) looking at the Stone Lectures of Abraham Kuyper.

Nederlandstalige protestanten vinden de weg naar vroegere protestantse leermeesters

In Corona quarantaine tijd kan tijd vrijgemaakt worden om nieuwe drukken van werken van Abraham Kuyper en Herman Bavinck ter hand te nemen en hierin te zien hoe het komt dat de Nederlands Protestantse Kerk zo verdeeld is geraakt.

A particular night to share unleavened bread and red wine

From isolation followers of Christ shall have to remember his sacrificial offering from home. Wednesday Apri 8, shall be a night where we look at the unleavened bread and fermented wine as a symbol for the body (flesh) and blood of Christ, which was given as a ransom price for our sins.

Lachish in the Bible

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When I talk to people and let them know that I am going on an archaeological dig, one of the first things they want to know is where will I be digging. When I give Lachish as the answer I usually get confused looks. Even a colleague who grew…

Thinking of Lachish

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This weekend I have been listening to II Kings while out walking. Of course this means that I have also been thinking of Lachish as it is mentioned several times in the narrative. I have been to Lachish on each of my four trips to Israel, and on two…

The Lachish Latrine

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This morning while checking the latest posts on Facebook I discovered that Tel Lachish was in the news. I had eagerly been waiting for this news and planned to write a blog post as soon as it was released. However, it came on a busy day for me. I…

Digging in a Temple

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Today in the news there have been articles about a Canaanite Temple that was found at Lachish in Israel. Below is a link to an article in Arutz Sheva. 3,000-year-old Canaanite temple discovered in southern Israel Several years ago I spent a couple of weeks digging in the temple…

Good reason to visit certain places in Israel

Having a look at some present excavations which may attract the present tourist in the Holy Land.

Voorbereidingstijd naar Pesach toe

Woensdag 26 februari was het Aswoensdag, voor meerdere christenen het begin van de Veertigdagentijd of vasten voor Pasen. In veel culturen is het nu tijd van meditatie of overdenking aangebroken. Er wordt in de dagen na aswoensdag tijd genomen voor een plechtige religieuze naleving en een periode van boetevoorbereiding in de liturgische kalender die begint […]

Spoken in the name of Jehovah God for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience

With the month of March, we come to days that we can greet Spring, but also to days that we remember the prophet of God, who came to suffer a lot. Already early, at the beginning of mankind, a first prophecy was given, that he would come into the world and would get wounded for […]

Dit is het Land: de Berg Tabor

Bijbelse landstreken, steden en dorpen, toen en nu De berg Tabor De eeuwen door heeft de uitzonderlijke vorm van de berg Tabor reizigers geboeid, en een psalmist eens doen uitroepen: “Tabor en Hermon jubelen in uw naam” (Ps. 89:13). Bij zeer helder weer is het namelijk mogelijk, vanaf de bergen van Samaria, de prachtige, afgeronde […]

Ancient Jerusalem had not just one temple

An Iron Age temple near Jerusalem has upended the idea that the ancient Kingdom of Judah had just one temple

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Notes

Presenting a book that explains the difficult figures of speech and the images and the customs in the text of the Bible in a fresh, new way to understand what the text of the Bible is really addressing.

Isolated students and internet learning

Our big problem, certainly for the sort of believers we are, is that most of us live in isolation spread far away from each other all over the world. The online environment potentially intensifies the isolation a student might experience in any language-learning process or in an absence of face to face guidance how to […]