God son king and his subjects

For those who believe that Jesus is God and that he is the king, there needs to be established why now in heaven, Jesus is not sitting on the throne of God, but at the right hand of the one we consider to be the Almighty God. For those who think Jesus is God who […]

De god zoon, koning en zijn onderdanen

Voor hen die denken dat Jezus God is en dat hij ook de koning is, moet er na gegaan worden waarom Jezus dan nu niet op zijn troon zit in de hemel, maar aan de rechterhand van iemand anders. Wie is dan die belangrijker persoon die op de troon van de Allerhoogste zit? Opmerkelijk is […]

Een koning die zijn onderdanen wetten oplegt waarvan hij weet dat zij zich er nooit aan kunnen houden

Leven in een land met onhaalbare wetten Wat zou u er van denken als u in een land zou gehuisvest worden waar de koning zulke wetten oplegt dat hij en u maar al te goed weten dat niemand er zich kan aan houden? Dat is in feite wat meerdere Christenen insinueren door te zeggen dat […]

A god who gave his people commandments and laws he knew they never could keep to it

Sayings that Jesus has to be God Very often we encounter Christian writings where is said Jesus has to be God because no man is ever capable to be without sin or to keep to God’s commandments. This month is not different to others. Once again we found a person saying on his website If […]

Bijbelvorsers Blogging annual report and 2015 in review

The last few years people began to see social media as a portfolio of their life events, a competition to top each other who’s got the most interesting life stories. In 2015 we saw more smombies walking over the streets and sitting as individuals sitting on an other planet, in the tube, train, or bus. […]

A year coming to its end and our Spiritual Senses

Coming close to the end of the year we are hearing lots of people telling they want to do this or that next year. Many present to others their bucket list for the new year and/or with their best wishes for the new year they present their good intentions. These days are spiritual and physical […]

Childhood home of Jesus

Every year around Christmas lots of news messages are brought into attention where they claim to have found something about the Nazarene Jew Jeshua and his family. Already in March the childhood home of Jesus may have been found underneath the Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Nazareth, Israel, according to archaeologist Ken Dark. Ken Dark […]