Three new sites to discover the real Jesus

In Christendom we do find many people who made Jesus in to their god. Some of those Christians also do want to get people to worship their god and do present him as a tri-union god. Several people frown by reading all that stuff about Jesus and God being one and the same person and finding different sayings in Scriptures than the sayings of those men. We cannot give them no reason to look strange at certain strange concoctions which are made by several trinitarian writers.

We also can not avoid thinking making Jesus into the God looks more like making God and Jesus to be a fool. One moment saying He cannot be seen by man, but than letting him be seen by many. An other moment saying He knows everything and does not tell lies, then having him say he does not know who would be seated next to him or when he would come back.
Does it also not make a not trustworthy figure of him not speaking clear, plus at one stage Him saying man can do Him nothing and death can do Him nothing, He not having to fear man but man having to fear Him, though when he is between man he is afraid of them, gets even sweating blood, and cries at himself wondering why He has abandoned himself?!

Telling God cannot die and is eternal, though he lands up by the dead three days in hell, and than tells the others he was (really?) death and has risen, showing them his wounds to proof he is not spirit, but at other places He says He is a Spirit. (?!) This looks more like a clown. No wonder so many people loose interest or do not want to belief in such a clownishness figure.

Lots of people seem to mix the different Biblical characters and seem not to be able to see clear in the Biblical language.
God is not only available and recognisable for very well educated Biblical scholars, theologians and very well educated professionals. God is also there for the non educated, for the less fortunate, for those without much intelligence. God wants to be known by everybody. All man are created in the image of God and do have enough elements in them to come to recognise their True heavenly Father.

These days the sun at peak hours, in the morning and in the evening, is standing so low it blinds people and causes many to have a car accident. Therefore special glasses and screens are advertised to give people a clear view. Perhaps Clear-View and other gadgets may help them to see the road and traffic better. For sure people can use a clear-view assistance for coming to know God and for coming to know Jesus.

To help people to find Jesus and to make them to recognise that this is the son of God, who brought the Grace of salvation onto all man, there have been created three new websites. Their purpose is to give a better view on the son of man who is also the son of God, who is also the one mediator between God and man on who we should put our hope, because he is the Way to God and the Way to life.

When you are looking for more knowledge about the Biblical figures and want to know who really is Jesus Christ, we like to advice you to have a look at “Messiah for all“.

Messiah For all - Website created by Marcus Ampe in February 2015 to bring people to the real Jesus, the Kristos: Christ or Messiah

Messiah For all – Website created by Marcus Ampe in February 2015 to bring people to the real Jesus, the Kristos: Christ or Messiah

This site wants to go way back, to the very beginning, which brings us up to the creation of the universe and the first Adam. Going way back into the Garden of Eden story it wants to show visitors why Jesus is the second Adam and why he is so important and indispensable for mankind.
The ones who refuse to take Jesus for a man because according to them no man is capable to live according to God’s commandments and to fulfil the Law of God, are making a very cruel God of the Creator and indicating God created an imperfect world with imperfect human beings.This would implicate that God could not create everything perfect. Though we are convinced that God created everything in good order. He gave man the free will to take care of the world, in their own interest, along their own wishes, giving names to everything and using it for themselves.

The site stated of with looking at creation, looking at what is written in the Scriptures Genesis – Story of creation 1 Genesis 1:1-25 Creation of things, Scripture about Creation and Creator Deity and From waste and void coming into being by God’s Word, discussing it with Something from nothing and going deeper into the amount of persons involved by creation with The very very beginning 1 Creating Gods + How Many Persons Created the Heavens and the Earth?, taking a closer look at Genesis 1:26 God said “Let us make”.

In conservative evangelical circles creation is a difficult matter to discuss and to place the right figures in it. Publishing articles like Genesis 1 story does not take away an evolution the site gives already an indication from the start it shall not be afraid to tackle controversial issues in Christendom. With articles like The very very beginning 2 The Word and words it wants to unveil misconceptions and show atheists, unbelievers the reason why people should come to Christianity accepting Jesus as their Messiah, the one who can bring salvation and a better world to all of us.

All of us should know that there is a Background to look at things and that there are in the world a lot of people who want to take others away from God. They do not mind altering the message Jesus brought and to present people lovely worlds and promises which have nothing to do with Biblical promises. Often they also make people very afraid, with eternal burning places, eternal pain and torture if they do not come to their denomination. “Messiah for all” wants to show those who want to know better, that the God of order and the God of love has a totally different view than those pastors and priests. For the same reason two parallel sites were created to show Who God is, What He wanted to do with creation, How Jesus fits in His plan, and why we should see and accept Jesus for what he really was and is.

Having those trinitarian denominations often throwing mud and fire at the non-trinitarian Christians, telling also lots of lies about them, the Free Christadelphians from Belgium want to make clear to the public what Christadelphians their opinion of Christ Jesus is and how they see the salvation of Christ in the Plan of God and in its use for all people in the world and not just for some in a certain denomination of Christianity.

C4U Christ For You and Christadelphians For You, wants to shed light on the many misconceptions by lots of people about Jesus, God, non-trinitarian Christians, salvation, Kingdom of God and the evolving situations in the world. From a Christadelphian viewpoint it shall look at the happenings in the world with the focus on Jesus in it all. To do this it also shall like the main site “Messiah for all” look at the gospels and analyse the saying in it.

C4U - Christ For You, a Christadelphian website showing how Christ is the one for you to follow and how Christadelphians are there to help you find the real Jesus Christ, Jeshua from Nazareth, the son of God

C4U – Christ For You, a Christadelphian website showing how Christ is the one for you to follow and how Christadelphians are there to help you find the real Jesus Christ, Jeshua from Nazareth, the son of God

The Christadelphians are calling people to abide in Christ like they are brothers and sisters in Christ. In the C4U website they want to show the source of the abundant life Jesus spoke of when he was going from one place to another to tell the Good News and to warn people of the seriousness of God’s promises coming through, having Armageddon coming closer. We all should come to recognise the signs of those end-times Jesus spoke about. The site wants to show why we should recognise the real Jesus and give him full honour for what he really did. Those who abide in Christ fulfil the magnificent purpose of life, which is to give God the glory He deserves. Jesus said in verse 8, “My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit.” When a Christian abides, God can work through him to produce much fruit. Since God produces it, He is the one glorified.

The C4U site also wants to convince people it is not at all so lugubrious or lurid as many do want us to believe. In Christianity you might find several who want to present God as a terrible harsh Supreme Being, but in our faith we see a God of Love more than a God of hate. C4U wants to open people their eyes so that they come to see how God wants us to be consumed with joy.

It is by the twisted views, starting from one lie having to create an other lie, like from telling Jesus is God, having Jesus been born so God had to have a mother, and so on. Bringing also lots of stories of damnation, cruelty by extraterrestrial beings, demons and devils, several Christians chose more to stay with their denomination out of fear than out of the love for Jesus or the love for God. this makes that in many Churches we do find people who have many unsolved questions and who are not happy. There we can find many people who are bitter, discontent, and complaining, but are not willing to give up their community and their traditions. To put all those traditions away is the most difficult aspect and the choice of religion. It is that where Jesus is talking about of being of or not being of this world. C4U wants people to chose for “Being of God’s world”. Some people think they have to give too much for becoming a believer and that Christian life is a monastic deprivation and drudgery — a bitter religious pill. But God has designed it for our joy and when people choose to follow Jesus and are willing to become brothers and sisters in Christ, they shall find much joy in the love of each other, the love of Christ Jesus and in the love of God. In “Full Joy” indication is given that we can be consumed with joy when we do not violate God’s design, try to live according His commandments, and if we abide fully.

Read further more how Jesus is waiting for our invitation to let him enter into our hearts. C4U, with Messiah for all and C4Al want to get people to understand that we are given Jesus Christ as the solution for all problems and that we can be set apart by choosing for him instead of choosing for the world. Both sites are not afraid to point to your responsibility by saying it is all your own choice and security.

You can choose to look regularly at C4U but also at C4All which has the same vision and mission to bring people to Christ and have them connecting with each other as brothers an sisters, being part of the same Body of Christ.

C4All = Christ For All, presenting the real Christ to the world

C4All = Christ For All, presenting the real Christ to the world

Whilst Jesus Christ waits for an invitation from people all over the world, others, like the Christadelphians, Bible Students, several Bible-scholars and Bible researchers are doing their best to take up the task Jesus has given his disciples and followers. Looking at the world today, we can see many signs foretold in scriptures we should make us alert and make us fully aware that it is high time that people come to know Jesus and his heavenly Father. We do know there has still to be done a lot before we shall be able to finish The Task. Therefore there is reason enough to Pray For Christ For All, for all the people involved in getting the world to know Jesus Christ and his heavenly Father, the Only One God, Jehovah, Who is One.


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  • Forgiveness for the fallen (

    Jesus—endured the betrayal of Judas, the denials of Peter, the abandonment by the other disciples, for our betrayal, our denials, our abandonment of Jesus.

    He was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification. (Romans 4:25 HCSB)

  • Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us (
    Things are getting closer to home with the current threats of terrorism at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Our quiet home on the prairie isn’t as safe as we thought. The entire country should be on alert. Our land has been integrated with a giant force of evil. It isn’t necessarily one group or ethnicity. It isn’t a particular religion or philosophy. It’s a true, clearly defined, crafty, insidious force which had its beginning long ago in the Garden of Eden.
  • For once, AmChurchSpeak makes an important point: Lent is a journey to Calvary… (
    For two weeks, the Letter to the Hebrews draws on images from the Old Testament to introduce us to that “great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God:” a mediator between God and humanity who “has been tempted as we are” and with whom we can “with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” [Heb 4: 14-16]. Here, the biblical author writes, we find that “great cloud of witnesses” in whose company we are enabled to “run with perseverance the race that is set before us” [Heb 12: 1] Here is “Mt. Zion … the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem” to which we are brought through the mediation of Jesus, and where we join “innumerable angels in festive gathering” [Heb 12: 22].
  • Forsake not the Assembly of Ourselves… (
    All the sons of Adam shall one day become the Sons of God; this was God’s purpose for creating man in the first place. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But these spiritual births will take place in several successive phases. There will be a firstborn group of Sons, then a second-born group, and so on. Every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming. Those that complete their spiritual gestation now, during this present dispensation, will become the firstborn Sons. This first generation will attain a higher destiny than their later-born siblings. The firstfruits, (Overcomers), will enter into the most intimate and secret habitation of God.
  • Bulletin Articles: A Special Meeting Place in Galilee (
    although the disciples had no idea what was going to happen, because that time of seeing the risen Jesus persuaded them that He was the Son of God, and when He told them to preach to the world the good news of salvation from God’s wrath by means of the resurrection of Jesus, they did it with unquenchable zeal!
  • Did Jesus have a Sister? (
    As usual man got it wrong. He is barking up the wrong tree and is filled with the thought he is so great. Yes, Christ was the son of God. But there is also a counterpoint. One that fell through the crack. There is a daughter of God. One who sacrificed even more than the physical being? The one left behind who had to get the ball rolling and get people into believing of the gift of the sacrifice of her brother. And she, unnamed and forgotten is the true story.
  • With Reflective Moment ‘Precise Statement’ ( and other similar blogs you can see why it is so important people have to come to get the right picture of Jesus.John 3 verse 16: “For God so loved….”Which we build our faith on, John goes further to make The Precise statement, to help his readers of the truth of Christ Jesus’ identity, John organizes his entire Gospel around eight miracles. Theses miracles are signs and proof and only God could perform these miracles. But then the writer misses the point that Jesus himself told the world he was not doing those miracles but his heavenly Father Who is greater than him. Christ Jesus is not “the God-man” like the writer presents him but the son of man and the son of God, a man of flesh and blood who really died, whilst God cannot die.
  • Feb. 3. John Introduces Jesus to the World (
    Jn. 1:29-34Various Scriptures proclaim that Jesus is the Son of God. John was sent to prepare the way for Jesus and at this point in his ministry, he pronounced that Jesus was, “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” He further stated, “And I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.”
  • 10 Most Bizarre People Who Claimed To Be Jesus Reincarnate (
    Few characters have dominated human history quite like Jesus Christ. Christians believe that the Son of God was sent to Earth by his father in order to save the human race from their own sins. Other religions, including Judaism and Islam, dismiss this belief, however, and argue Christ was not the son of God at all.

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