The Field is the World #3 Germans leaving the State Church

In continuation of looking back to what happened in previous century and how it influenced today’s church, we republish some writings from the Bible Students magazine “The New C o v e n a n t  A d v o c a t e”  of April, 1909

Desertions from the State Church in Germany are increasing so rapidly that grave apprehensions are caused in ecclesiastical circles. The Berlin correspondent of the ” Daily Chronicle” (London), says that 10,000 persons have severed their connection with the church in the past year; and this notwithstanding the fact that

“official separation from the church is one if the greatest difficulty, delay and expense.”

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Agnosticism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So great is the number of those who are giving notice of intention to terminate their membership, that special offices have been opened in Berlin to receive their applications, which now number between 300 and 400 daily. Probably the chief cause, says this writer, of the movement against the church is the spread of agnosticism among all classes of the population, and the fact that even in those universities where until recently an orthodox theology was taught, there are now few chairs from which ultra-Liberal views are not proclaimed.


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