To create a great journey

If we want to make a great trip, we will go for it well-prepared. Maybe we think already for months in advance what we’re going to do and how we are going to do it, to make it our best experience since years. In our preliminary work, we probably shall go to look for some guidebooks and some books about the countries and places we are going to visit.

We will probably consult reference books about the area to visit and when we have Internet available we also will go there to see what is written about those places we want to visit.

Well prepared we want to go on vacation.

(Original text : United Nations female tour gu...

United Nations female tour guide (center).) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Strangely is such a holiday associated with a relatively short time while life goes on over a longer period of time and we prepare that experience much less. How many people take guides on life in hand?

Many people do not realize that we can have a very comprehensive free “Guide to Life” and that they miss it. It is there for everybody to grab for free, anywhere in the world available, but not seen by many.

It is the Creator Himself Who provided special envoys, emissaries, or guides, tour guides, at the appropriate times. One of these envoys was a particular special one, born from a kings-tribe but in humble surroundings. It is that herald which should be heard and discovered by as many as possible. Therefore there has been created a new website to put that messenger of God or prophet, man of God or son of God in the spotlight. The new website focuses on the One Envoy of the Supreme Creator. That guide or messenger of God is an excellent tour guide and great teacher, even the greatest Teacher of all time. But it is also the most envied or disliked person on earth.

Even if one calls him “Emmanuel “, “Immanuel”or “God with us”, he is one of the most misunderstood people on this globe. It is also probably the most controversial figure where much ink has flowed about and where even a lot of people have tussled about. But it’s someone who really deserves our attention and whose words we assume quite true. Yes, his best stories we attach enough attention to, because if we do not do that it would have a bad ending. And that is not what we would like to have on such an important trip?!

We are who knows, quite a while travelling, having past a lot of time on this earth, having experienced lots of events and trials. We do know there have to be still lots of steps taken in this life and for all the events still coming up it may be best to have a ceremony master and some one who can lead everything in good order.
What now matters is that we continue the correct steps, go in the right direction, and perhaps best are about going to rely on the very best guide. Provided that he is free of charge, we can better make use of him as fast as possible.

If you do not know him yet, or if you wish to learn more about him, there is a facility where one can find out more about this special guide. As he is an important and unmissable figure in world events, we would like to invite you to get to know him and to go with him further on the most interesting path of life.

For the moment it can only be in English, which may not be an obstacle to many of us to go on that stage and to find enough useful material on that new site. When you do need a translation of his words and actions, we advice you to find yourself a good bible translation in your own mother-tongue.  There can be found many various good translations. Therefore, daring enough to compare with your Bible translations and with what is written further on that site be welcome to regularly visit it and read the postings overthere.

The new website “Messiah for all“,  is an attempt to create a clear picture of that particular guide who is provided by Jehovah God. Let us all make good use of the site and of the presented guide and master teacher.


Find the website: Messiah for all

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Voor het maken van een grote reis



  1. Evangelisation, local preaching opposite overseas evangelism
  2. May we have doubts
  3. Colour-blindness and road code
  4. Those who love Jesus
  5. Lovers of God, seekers and lovers of truth
  6. Looking for Free Blogs and blogging


  • Tour guide or shepherd (
    I prefer to be my own tour guide when I travel. I book my own flights, arrange my own transport, and customize my own itinerary.
    When I help schools with educational technology or managing ICT-mediated change, I try to do the same as a tour guide or shepherd.
  • Doctors Orders: Tall tale-telling tour guides (

    If you’re one of these Tall Tale-Telling Tour Guides, know that you can seek help. If you just take a long look in the mirror and mouth the word “Phoenix” long enough, you can rise from the ashes of your deceit. Rededicate yourself to truth and honesty. Honesty, of course, has won the Best Policy Award every year for the past hundred or so years.

    Just start telling the truth. It’s exciting. It’s interesting. It’s marketable. People trust an honest face, and also it’s pretty easy to fact check this kind of stuff in the 21st century.

    But just between you and us, generalized satirical patient and fake doctor confidentiality and all, if these outlandish campus claims are the result of coercion or brainwashing please don’t hesitate to let us know via smoke signal, or maybe carrier pidgeon.

    Maybe the tour guides believe if they repeat something enough, it will bend the laws of reality, causing their lies to become truth. Improving Elon takes hard work, not tall tales.

  • Japan Introduces Legislation To Force Employees To Take Holidays (
    Any boring castle or mansion that you could walk through in ten minutes, or has an hour long guided tour. Because nobody voluntarily wants to listen to a tour guide talk about one room for fifteen minutes, right?
  • How One Missing Signature Got Us Imprisoned By The Chilean Army (
    A hotel bar at the feet of the Andes Mountains is silent, save three tour guides huddled ’round a fourth pour of watery beer and a coffee-stained map. “This pass will get us around most of the border patrol,” said our local fixer, his finger on a sinuous mapline.
  • State arrests another guide for trespassing with lava tour (
    According to the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald,” David Scharer was arrested on Jungle King Avenue in Puna, leading an I permitted tour in a restricted lava zone. Scharer faces a possible fine and/or up to a year in jail.
  • South African photographer recalls joy of Mandela’s release (
    A tour guide, second left, speaks to French tourists as he, mimics the statue of former South African President Nelson Mandela with a raised fist outside the former Victor Verster prison, renamed to Drakenstein
  • Vietnam set to deport Korean man for overstaying visa, working as tour guide (
    Vietnam does not allow travel companies to use foreign tour guides, but many still break the rules as saying that they could not find many local guides with strong foreign language skills.
  • Photos from North Korea (
    These are places where tourists are allowed to go. The people photographed are wealthy by North Korean standards — middle class by ours. What is unexpected is how Western they look. There is no question that “the good life” that comes to the few in North Korea is Western.
  • Kansas State Transportation Map Now Available (

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