Blinded crying blue murder having being made afraid by a bugaboo

The Newseum's Five (5) freedoms guaranteed by ...

The Newseum’s Five (5) freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment ot the US Constitution. 1. Freedom of Religion 2. Freedom of Speech 3. Freedom of the Press 4. Freedom of Assembly Peaceably 5. Freedom to Petition the Governement for Grievances (Opening April 11, 2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In these times of peril some want to limit the freedom of speech. Even in the states where they are so proud of their so called liberties and freedom of speech. It are those people or groups who would like everybody else to have the same beliefs as they who should make us more aware of the danger of them.

In the southern part of this globe we can see several groups which try to limit that freedom of thinking, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. In the northern sphere there are also people who want to limit the freedom of roaming, the freedom of travelling, the freedom of moving and to find a better place to live, and who also want a restriction of what sort of religion may be practised in our regions.

Today we may find, like at the time of the master rabbi Jeshua, lots of “scoffers”. Strangely enough also today, in the different religious groups, there are not so many reacting against those who seek to create their own truth. Those  who belong to the same sort religion do not act strongly enough against those who twist the words of their own religious books, in this case for example the Quran. We can see the Islamic fundamentalists doing lots of things which are forbidden according to the Quran, though they preach it is the true Muslim faith.

Islamic State (IS), Boko Haram, al Qaeda and  several independent jihadists have proclaimed a war against other believers. They say to be the ambassador for the opposing idea of Islam. For them there may not come a rest until the world comprehends its foolishness of their religions and shall accept that Islam should be the religion of the world.English: It is really a nice building. I took ...

But in the West we also start find an other sort of “scoffers” who do not mind to ridicule others with an other opinion than theirs. Such scoffers voices their disagreement, ridiculing all who stand against them, regarding them with derision, and like to receive some major posts in politics so that they themselves can govern the world. Donald Trump may be called such a candidate for whom we should warn others. His awful words used against others, nearly bullying them, he does not mind to call others to shut their mouth.

In that so called Land of Freedom this politician does not mind calling for a restriction of many freedoms. For him it is clear that building a wall for division is a good thing. For him bringing a halt to what America made big would be a good thing for the United States of America. He forgets that nation was built up by people coming from all over Europe, Africa and Asia. But now he finds it time to close all boarders and to have people who do not want to have the same religious ideas as the majority of Americans, to keep them out. It is not so clear for us in Europe how he would like to tackle those who do not want to believe in Jesus or God or any god.  Like the other republicans and tea-party members shall he want that everybody has to become an evangelical or conservative Christian?

U.S Postage Stamp, 1957

U.S Postage Stamp, 1957 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many Americans may fall in his trap, giving them the idea that with more free sales of all sorts of weapons and by restricting   freedom of speech and freedom of religion they will get more security. President Obama has done as much as he can to give liberty to all Americans, believers in God as well as to non-believers in a god or freedom to worship their own gods whatever or whoever they might be. Obama tried also to limit the weapon-sales, but that seems a lost war with the very strong weapon lobby and having too much money being involved in that. Though most Americans do forget that there are many more deaths a year by traffic accidents and by non-terrorist and non-religious related shootings than by religious terrorism acts. Even all those accidental deaths by shooting accidents do not frighten Americans, but by the few religious shooting events or terrorist acts they cry blue murder.

On many occasions we could see Trump setting up a big mouth, showing how he could be a bully and how he looks denigrating at the female species, humiliating women. But we also could see how he does not understand the importance of the freedom of speech as a bulwark against tyranny.

The danger for such people as Trump and others is that they do manage to get lots of people behind them because they look up at those who can do as if they are important and big. Naturally Trump has a lot of billions to suit him and to lure people in his network. That can not be said about the bullies from the East. Though they too use similar tactics as their American counterpart. Thy too also try to indoctrinate those around them. Without them knowing lots of people become victims of that sort of politicians or demons, who try to get their own idea in the forefront.

When those wanting to have more power use their financial position or use their foul mouth to lower others they often manage. Several also take advantage of the weapon lobby who is eager to sell them enough material. In the East we can see that those who frighten Europe so much get their weapons mainly from Russia, Belgium and America. Worse, newt to their verbal violence, they also like to use physical violence.

Two people who promised their country-members heaven on earth in a peaceful united world for their own, but got the citizens in lots of pains worse than before. – Hitler’s policies and orders resulted in the death of about 11 million noncombatants .

Some may argue that a strong hand is needed to lead the people, and that therefore some oppression might not be bad.Having leaders who do not allow other opinions does not bring a solution. Dictatorship shall only provide turmoil for millions and history has proven that it resulted always in many thousands of deaths.

Though when a dictatorship came to an end we also some people who look back with regret to the times that they had a life that was predictable and secure. Many cherished the close bonds among friends and neighbours, the feeling that help and support were always at hand. According to the Allensbach Opinion Research Institute,

“dictatorships give their citizens a feeling of moral superiority and security.”

Once the GDR dictatorship disappeared, the close feeling vanished and many Eastern  Germans became dissatisfied by how they were treated by the West and how they became second hand citizens.

In our capitalist world lots of people do love their own privacy and prefer not to share something of their own wealth with others. Therefore the people coming into Europe with thousands are frightening them because the locals fear they will take some of their ‘cake.’

We should know that no human political or economic system designed will ever satisfy all mankind’s needs. Bible students who only want to worship the Only One True God, believe that these needs will be met only by the Creator’s Messianic Kingdom. Shortly, this heavenly government will, according to the Bible, establish a loving and righteous rulership over all the earth. The Kingdom will unite all the nations of the earth and enable not only Europe but all mankind to be at peace with one another. What a blessing that Kingdom will be! (Daniel 2:44.)

But they are also convinced we start preparing now for what is to come. We do know that there shall come a terrible third World War, worse than the previous ones. We also fear that it can well be that we are coming closer to that time of worries and greater difficulties, presenting the world with more clear signs of the coming end times.

In the Scriptures we are warned for the times that children would come to resist parents, or leave them to go to fight against those who were willing to give them a lot. Lots of jihad fighters do come form our own regions. they were born and breath here and got all possibilities to develop in a world which they also could try to become better. But they preferred to listen to false teachers and false doctrines which promise them some glory and which seem to make them much more important than they ever could become here in the west without doing these actions they are now undertaking.

It is true that to come to the truth, people have to have teachers or a teaching that shows them some doctrine. Somehow without doctrine people can not arrive at the truth. We do need instruction from a teacher or people who can help us to see clear. A child is unable to understand the truth of science or the truth of life or the truth of religion.

The apostle and very good Jewish Bible scholar Paul himself insists that faith arises from the hearing. Hearing what else, if not hearing the teachings of the faith? Every believer never gets all knowledge just from himself. He should at least hear the truth from others, somehow. Over time, continued to be nurtured, faith can come into something to belief with security. By the teachings there can come an increase of knowledge and a possibility for the faith to increase. So, indeed religious doctrine is  important for the development of one’s faith. But when there is false doctrine taught there shall be a scapegoat for terrorism.

Already ages ago many doctrines were favoured by man. Jesus knew that the blind (and in general the listeners of Jesus)  adhered to the erroneous doctrine (according to the version of Jesus, of course). However, Jesus realised that faith can not be just contained by the knowledge of the true doctrine, because after all it is using the formula of humane doctrine. Such as the chemical formula, the doctrine could be solved by permutations of the brain. In fact, faith itself is more than just permutations of the brain. Therefore, Jesus did not want to hinder the faith of the blind man with a doctrine that should be owned by the blind man.

The reason is understandable. The doctrine of the truth of faith is received through reasoning, through logical thinking by a person. Logic and reasoning that could be wrong is always a possibility. It need not be a problem as long as people have openness in thinking. Only when people are willing to do their own research and when they want to take time to study the books they think are essential for their faith, they shall be able to get to know their ‘looked for’ faith.

If people only live from doctrine, having their brain not open to the promptings of the heart, the danger shall be that they can become indoctrinated. As in the time of rabbi Jeshua, today we see several groups who keep fast to human doctrines and are not willing to put their (sound) mind to zero and investigating everything again from scratch and comparing the sayings of man with the sayings of their Holy Scriptures. As well as the Christians as the Muslims would be surprised how certain false teachings were brought into their head.

Those Islamist fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists have closed their heart for the call of God and for the Word of Allah, God.

In case people would open their heart to the call of God and listen to the words of His sent one, they should know better. They would remember how many men of God tried to have people to understand what God wants from them and how they have to live. The sent one from God, who we consider to be the Kristos or Christ, the Messiah, has made it clear to mankind how the God of love also wants us to love all God’s creatures. Jesus also showed the world how we should try to live together in peace, also with those who think differently than us. Also for them we do have to have an open heart.

By our open heart and our agapè love we should try to bring others to the knowledge of the real True God.

Those who hear, even with a little heart, shall when they are willing to open their heart more, come to find more knowledge and shall come to see that to establish the truth, this shall not happen by destroying what he considers wrong, but with dialogue that could even expand their horizons. Jesus does not question the idea of ​​the blind man of ‘Son of David‘, but looks at the one who is willing to believe in him that is called ‘Son of David‘ and is able to heal. Truth has its own way to draw people gently. When we are lovers of God, The Omnipotent shall be willing to make our hearts soft and peaceful so that we can breath this peace and bring tranquillity to others.


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