Worlds Apart

Our brother and retired teacher, lecturer in Biblical and Religious matters, Colin J. Edwards has written a book about the 17 th Century Tilly family of Ringwood, Hampshire in Southern England who were Congregational Puritans. He looks to what happened if you had a conscience and didn’t agree with the prevailing view of religion and politics and describes the social background and the daily life of a family suffering harassment, death, unemployment, eviction, social isolation and absolute poverty .

Desperation led to thoughts of emigration to a New World > ‘Worlds Apart

English: Tilly Whim Caves, from the coast path...

Tilly Whim Caves, from the coast path through Durlston Country Park, Dorset, U.K. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story is one of endeavour, intrique and apparent failure. Jogn Tilly was born in Ringwood, Hampshire in 1697 into a family of aspiring business folk. Determined to make his fortune, he commented quarrying in the Purbeck Hills, creating the Tilly Whim mine. But he was arrested for smuggling, released from prison, emigrated to Newfoundland where he experienced many exciting adventures. He gained a fortune and lost it, by the end of his days he was a penniless pauper. A story of success and failure yet also of religious faith in the face of immense obstacles.

– Reprinted from our older website. (Last edited October 9, 2012)

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