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Prophecy is an important part of the Bible. God uses it for showing future events that will bring about His purpose. For example, He prophesied or predicted to Adam and Eve to show that sin would eventually be overcome, Likewise, He gave prophecy to Abraham to show that there would be one to come (the Lord Jesus Christ) who would give blessings to Abraham his descendants. Abraham’s people would become a special and large genus, that as God’s people should also carry the blessings of God.

God predicted or prophesied also to David to show that there would be greater King for Israel to come and that God would be his Father.

Predictions made by the ancient Hebrew prophets regarding Israel have been verified by events. The likelihood that these were fulfilled by chance alone is so slight that we can have strong confidence in the scriptures that they wrote. Similarly the apostles such as Peter and Paul were able to do miracles that could not be refuted. Those miracles were unlike many falsely claimed miracles of modern so-called apostles.

English: Predictions of the end-time. Borcht. ...

Predictions of the end-time. Borcht. In the Bowyer Bible in Bolton Museum, England. Print 3900. From “An Illustrated Commentary on the Gospel of Mark” by Phillip Medhurst. Section R. predictions and warnings. Mark 13:1-37. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are prophecies in the Bible which have not yet been fulfilled, but God gives a record of such events so that we can be sure that, when we see them coming to pass, or see the predicted characters, we can have confidence that God hasn’t forgotten His Word, but is bringing about His Will and Purpose. We may be sure that those signs shall be clear to those who want to see them and will believe in the Words of God who predicted the End time will come.  In the formerly made predictions that are recorded in Scripture, the Old and the New Testament, we can see how God kept his word and every time the reported predictions always have come true. The promises made in very ancient times, God has not yet forgotten. He wants that plan will be fulfilled Its intended purpose will be achieved.

Prophecies therefore show to us that God keeps His word – and this is an example of His authority, and why we should trust in Him and His Word.

There are people today who believe that they can foretell the future – but have tried and failed. Some have tried to foretell future events in a very vague sort of way – and still failed. There is no requirement to expect that there are modern day prophets and apostles. To know whether they really could proclaim to be prophets, one can best check after their predictions whether they have actually been released.  When we look at the Old Testament when the men of God made predictions and used even names in their time which were then very uncommon or did not mean anything, we can see that many years later those foretold facts became reality, and happened like predicted.

For the Bible to predict or to foretell the future in such detail, and to perform this in the prescribed  way, having them be fulfilled in a precise way, shows that only God can do such things and the reason for this is that He has control of world events.


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English: 2300 days beginning and ending dates

English: 2300 days beginning and ending dates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. What is the difference between thinking something will happen and hoping that something will happen?
    oday when we talk of ‘hope’, we might say “I hope I win the Lotto”.  We are not always confident that what we hope for will actually happen.  But this meaning is not quite the same as the way ‘hope’ is often used in Scripture. ‘Hope’ is a vital theme in the New Testament.
  2. Do the Mormons follow a false prophet?
    Yes. Joseph Smith, the first “prophet” and the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (more commonly known as the Mormons), taught things that contradict the Bible. If people say they are prophets but teach things that contradict the Bible, then they are false prophets.
  3. Are there modern day prophets and apostles?
    There have been, and still are, many people who claim to be a prophet or an apostle. Obviously most, and possibly all, of these claims are false since their claims conflict with each other. So how can we tell?
  4. For a start we would need to look very carefully, even suspiciously, at the evidence for such claims. On the other hand we would not want to miss identifying a true prophet. Fortunately God gave some tests that the ancient people of Israel were to apply. These tests are so practical, and make such good sense that we would be foolish to ignore them.
  5. How many female prophets are in the Bible?
    Several women are described as prophetesses. In the Old Testament we have the following five: Miriam (Exodus 15:20-21) Deborah (Judges 4:4) Huldah (2 Kings 22:14) Noadiah (Nehemiah 6:14) Isaiah’s wife (Isaiah 8:3) The Jewish Talmud counts some additional women as prophets including Sarah, Hannah (mother of Samuel), Abigail (wife of David) and Esther.
  6. What does the Bible say about fortune tellers and crystal readers?
    A quick reading of the relevant passages in Daniel, make the distinction between the Babylonish astrologers and Daniel, very plain.
  7. Which biblical prophet was called God’s angel?
    Any of God’s prophets could be called “God’s messenger” since that is what a prophet was. In Hebrew, that would be the same as saying “God’s angel”. Two prophets who are specifically called that are Haggai (Haggai 1:13) and Malachi (who name means “my messenger”).
  8. The Best Selling Book of All Time
    The Bible is true in all scientific matters. Notice these comparisons.
  9. The Grand Theme of the Bible
    It is in the book of Revelation that we read of the dramatic culmination of Jehovah’s grand purpose to sanctify his name before all creation. As God declared time and time again by one of his earlier prophets: “They will have to know that I am Jehovah.”—Ezekiel 25:17; 38:23.
  10. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 1
    In this eight-part series, Awake! will discuss an outstanding feature of the Bible—its prophecies, or predictions. The articles will help you to answer these questions: Are Bible prophecies merely the work of clever humans? Do these predictions bear the hallmark of divine inspiration? We invite you to weigh the evidence.
  11. Doubt and skepticism—these attitudes mark our times and reflect the view that some people have of the Bible. Sadly, many have never taken the time to make an honest examination of it. They base their opinion largely on hearsay. We hope you feel differently. If so, please join us on a journey back through time that will help to shed light on facts that testify to the Bible’s authenticity.
  12. As we have seen, the Bible is rich in specific details about people, places, and events. Those specifics enable us to cross-check the Bible against non-Biblical sources, thus helping us to confirm the fulfillment of Bible prophecies. In regard to Abraham and his seed, the facts show us that God’s promises were fulfilled—Abraham’s seed did become a nation, they were enslaved in Egypt, and they later occupied the land of Canaan. All this calls to mind the words of the Bible writer Peter, who humbly acknowledged: “Prophecy was at no time brought by man’s will, but men spoke from God as they were borne along by holy spirit.”—2 Peter 1:21.
  13. In the centuries that followed Israel’s occupation of Canaan, the nation’s history took a drastic turn, leading to tragic consequences.
  14. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 2
    Ancient Babylon was another nation that played an important role in Bible history, particularly during the seventh century B.C.E. Let us consider three Bible prophecies concerning this kingdom and see if they point to evidence of divine inspiration.
  15. The prophet Moses warned the ancient people of Israel: “If you should at all forget Jehovah your God and . . . walk after other gods and serve them and bow down to them, . . . you people will absolutely perish.” (Deuteronomy 8:19; 11:8, 9) Still, the Israelites repeatedly rebelled against God by turning to idol worship.—1 Kings 14:22-24.
  16. In time, God’s patience ran out, and he allowed his wayward servants to fall into the hands of the Babylonians. Under King Nebuchadnezzar—also spelled Nebuchadrezzar—Babylon’s forces came against Israel, where they laid siege to Jerusalem. Was this siege significant? Let us consider what the prophet Jeremiah wrote nearly 20 years before the event occurred.—Jeremiah 25:1.
  17. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 3
    Many centuries before Jesus’ birth, the Hebrew prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah, which in Hebrew means “Anointed One.” Those prophets gave specific details about the future Messiah’s life—including his line of descent—where and when he would arrive, and what would happen to him.
  18. Christians in the first century C.E. believed that these prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus. They felt as did the disciple Andrew, who told his brother Simon: “We have found the Messiah.” (John 1:40, 41) Was that conclusion correct? Let us look at just four of the many prophecies regarding the Messiah, and in each case we will consider the evidence.
  19. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 4
    When Jesus Christ was on earth some 2,000 years ago, he knew that he would die a cruel death at the hands of his enemies. Why did Jesus know this? He was thoroughly acquainted with the prophecies concerning himself in the Hebrew Scriptures, or the “Old Testament.” A number of those predictions were written by the prophet Isaiah more than 700 years before Jesus was born. How can we be sure that Isaiah’s words were written aforetime?
  20. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 5
    The Bible indicates that this Kingdom is God’s government and that it will remove oppressive human rulership, establish peace, and eliminate all causes of human suffering. (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 6:9, 10) Good news indeed!
    In the book The Early Church, Professor Henry Chadwick states: “The expansion of the church seemed an extraordinary chain of improbabilities. Nothing could have been less likely to succeed by any ordinary standard of expectation.”
  21. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 6
    Some 2,000 years ago, the Bible foretold that the world’s troubles would climax in “the conclusion of the system of things.” (Matthew 24:3) This does not mean “the end of the world” as people fear it. Rather, the Bible describes a pattern of events and attitudes, or a sign, that would occur during a time period called “the last days.” (2 Timothy 3:1) Jesus told his followers that when they saw “these things occurring,” relief would soon follow. (Luke 21:31) Consider some of the prophecies that mark our time as unique.
  22. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 7
    Jehovah God is the Author of the Bible and that everything he has promised he will do. (2 Timothy 3:16) Is this belief reasonable?
  23. If you had a lifelong friend who truly loved you and never lied to you, would you believe him if he promised to do something good for you and if what he promised was within his means? Undoubtedly you would. God is even better than any human friend we may have. “God never tells a lie!”—Titus 1:2Contemporary English Version.
  24. The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy—Part 8
    The articles set out to answer these questions: Are Bible prophecies merely the work of clever humans? Do they bear the hallmark of divine inspiration? We invite you to weigh the evidence.
  25. Does Bible Prophecy Point to the Modern State of Israel?
    Some Evangelical Protestants believe that the modern State of Israel thus fulfilled a Bible prophecy. For example, in the bookJerusalem Countdown, clergyman John Hagee states: “This momentous occasion had been recorded by the pen of the prophet Isaiah, saying, ‘A nation shall be born in a day.’ (See Isaiah 66:8.) . . . It was the greatest moment in prophetic history of the twentieth century. It was living evidence for all men to see that the God of Israel was alive and well.”
    Modern Israel’s secular attitude contrasts sharply with the situation in 537 B.C.E. Back then, the nation of Israel was indeed ‘reborn’ as if in a day after being devastated and depopulated by the Babylonians 70 years earlier. At that time, Isaiah 66:8 was strikingly fulfilled when the Persian conqueror of Babylon, Cyrus the Great, authorized the return of the Jews to their homeland.—Ezra 1:2.
    Whereas the modern nation of Israel offers to confer citizenship upon any natural or converted Jew, citizenship in what the Bible calls “the Israel of God” is given only to those who are “obedient and sprinkled with the blood of Jesus Christ.” (1 Peter 1:1, 2) Speaking of these members of the Israel of God, or spiritual Jews, Paul wrote: “He is not a Jew who is one on the outside, nor is circumcision that which is on the outside upon the flesh. But he is a Jew who is one on the inside, and his circumcision is that of the heart by spirit, and not by a written code. The praise of that one comes, not from men, but from God.”—Romans 2:28, 29.
  26. Which numbers in the Bible are literal and which aren’t?
    The only way to tell the difference between literal and figurative is context. For example, when we find something in a historical book, like the book of Kings, then it is likely to be literal. When we find something in a poetic book, like Psalms, then it is likely to be figurative.
  27. What is the history of the doctrine of the ‘pre-tribulation secret rapture’?
    The doctrine of the ‘pre-tribulation secret rapture’ is the belief that faithful Christians will be removed suddenly and secretly from the earth prior to a time of ‘tribulation’ which will immediately precede the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. Although the concept of believers being removed from the earth at the time of Christ (the ‘rapture’), had been expressed by earlier expositors such as Increase and Cotton Mather in the 17th century[1] [2] and 18th century commentators Phillip Doddridge[3] and John Gill,[4]  the origin of the ‘pre-tribulation’ belief is typically attributed to John Nelson Darby, a 19th century member of the Plymouth Brethren. His contemporary Edward Irving (a Scottish clergyman), developed the idea further.[5]
  28. Revelation—Its Happy Climax!
     We are living in the time when all these prophecies found in this wonderful book of Revelation are being fulfilled before our very eyes.
  29. How do we know that things in Revelation (e.g., the dragon in Rev. 12:3) are not literal?
    We know that Revelation uses symbols because it is a prophecy (Rev. 1:3) following on from Daniel’s prophecies in Dan. 2, 7 and 8.
  30. In Dan. 2, 7 and 8 prophecies are given that use symbols — Dan. 2: a statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay (which is crushed by a rock); Dan. 7: all sorts of made up animals; Dan. 8; a ram and a goat — to refer to nations (Dan. 2:37ff.; 7:17; 8:20-21). Revelation is also a prophecy, and it uses similar language to Daniel’s (and Daniel’s language is explicitly defined as symbolic, non-literal). If these were the only connections between these two prophetic books, we could safely say that, due to the similarities with Daniel, the language in Revelation is also symbolic, non-literal. However, there are closer ties between the two books that demonstrate this even further.
  31. A New Heaven and a New EarthHundreds of years before John’s day, Jehovah had said to Isaiah: “For here I am creating new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart.” (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22) This prophecy was initially fulfilled when faithful Jews returned to Jerusalem in 537 B.C.E. after their 70-year exile in Babylon. In that restoration, they formed a cleansed society, “a new earth,” under a new governmental system, “new heavens.” The apostle Peter, however, pointed to a further application of the prophecy, saying: “But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.” (2 Peter 3:13)
  32. The Great City Devastated
    The fall and destruction of Babylon the Great; the marriage of the Lamb announced
  33. Contending With Two Ferocious Beasts
    Is it not shocking to identify the ruling political powers with a wild beast? That is what some opposers claimed during World War II, when the status of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as an organization and as individuals, was being challenged in law courts around the earth. But stop and think! Do not the nations themselves adopt beasts or wild creatures as their national symbols? For example, there are the British lion, the American eagle, and the Chinese dragon. So why should anyone object if the divine Author of the Holy Bible also uses beasts to symbolize world powers?
  34. Earthquakes in the Lord’s Day
    Charles Taze Russell and his fellow Bible students realized decades earlier that 1914 would mark the end of the Gentile Times, or the appointed times of the nations. (Luke 21:24) While they did not in those early days fully understand what this would mean, they were convinced that 1914 was going to be a pivotal date in world history, and they were right. Notice the following newspaper quotation:
    “The terrific war outbreak in Europe has fulfilled an extraordinary prophecy. For a quarter of a century past, through preachers and through press, the ‘International Bible Students,’ best known as ‘Millennial Dawners,’ have been proclaiming to the world that the Day of Wrath prophesied in the Bible would dawn in 1914. ‘Look out for 1914!’ has been the cry of the hundreds of traveling evangelists.”—The World, a New York newspaper, August 30, 1914.
  35. Literal and figurative quakings of the earth are mentioned a number of times in the Bible. In his great prophecy about the sign of his presence in Kingdom power, Jesus forecast “earthquakes in one place after another.” These would be part of “a beginning of pangs of distress.” Since 1914, with earth’s population exploding into the thousands of millions, literal temblors have contributed significantly to the distresses of our times. (Matthew 24:3, 7, 8) Nevertheless, even though they fulfill prophecy, those earthquakes have been natural, physical disasters. They are preliminary to the great symbolic earthquake of Revelation 6:12. This, indeed, comes as the devastating finale to a series of advance tremors that shake Satan’s human earthly system of things to its foundations.  Literal earthquakes are often preceded by seismic disturbances that cause dogs to bark or act skittishly and excite other animals and fish, though humans may be unsuspecting until the actual quake strikes.
  36. Things That Must Shortly Take Place
    You should be deeply concerned about world events today. Why so? Because this world cannot escape God’s execution of judgment. But you can escape. You can do this by making yourself “no part of the world” that is doomed to destruction. This does not mean adopting an austere, monastic way of life. It means that while enjoying a wholesome, meaningful life, you separate yourself from political corruption, from greedy commercialism, and from God-dishonoring religion, as well as from violent and immoral behavior. At the same time, you must follow God’s high standards of conduct and seek to do his will. (John 17:14-16; Zephaniah 2:2, 3; Revelation 21:8) The Bible book of Revelation shows how important it is for you to apply yourself in these respects, making changes as necessary in your way of life.
  37. Does the Bible predict the return of Elijah and Enoch?
    The Bible never mentions the future of Enoch. All we know is that God “took him” (Gen 5:24; Heb 11:5).
  38. On the other hand, there is a prophecy of the return of Elijah
  39. What are characteristics of a cult movement and a false prophet?
    This depends on one’s definition of a cult.
    characteristics of a false prophet are identified in the scriptures
  • Speaks what God has not commanded him to speak
  • Speaks words which do not come to pass
  • Encourages people to go after other gods
  • Appears to be a sheep (disciple) but is actually a wolf (evil person)
  • Bears bad fruit – eg sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these  (Gal 5:19-21)
  • Does not bear good fruit – eg love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Gal 5:22-23)
  • 2 Peter 2:1-3 likens false teachers to false prophets – so I would think a false prophet would
    • bring in destructive heresies
    • cause many to follow their sensuality
    • cause the way of truth to be blasphemed
    • be greedy and exploit people with false words


NASA Sunspot Number Predictions for Solar cycl...

NASA Sunspot Number Predictions for Solar cycle 23 and 24 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • The Prophetic Imperative for the Conception, Birth and Life of Israel. (
    It is necessary to perceive the importance of prophecy in the life of the nation of Israel. Israel was conceived through the prophetic words spoken to Abraham.
    Prophecy concerning Israel’s existence, prophecy re the Land of Canaan becoming the home land of Israel, and never forgetting that prophecy re Messiah and the church is what the Old Testament is all about. Then after Christ’s ascension prophecy was still common within the church. Saul was sent out as a missionary minister and became the Apostle Paul through the means and direction of prophecy.
  • The United States In Bible Prophecy (
    Most Bible scholars will say the United States is not to be found in Bible Prophecy. That is as far from the truth as possible. The United States in center stage in Bible prophecy. Bible Prophecy is a warning message from God. Every American should be interested in hearing what God has to say about the US. “The United States In Bible Prophecy” is a study of 30 biblical texts that reveal the identity of Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18. This video further shows how the United States has fulfilled all these descriptions.
  • Prophecy today (
    The Didache may or may not pre-date anything, but it does not trump anything in the Bible. Note that this includes any writing by the earliest Christian leaders.
    Through Joel and Amos both God tells us that that our young men shall dream dreams and our old men shall see visions “in the last days”.
  • Consolidate your understanding of Prophecy using the following prompts: 1. The three main things I have learnt this lesson/this week/this topic are.. 2. I used to think …, but now I think…. 3. I can use what I have learnt today in (
    The three main things I’ve learnt this week is that a prophecy is the prediction of what might happen in the future if we don’t change, a prophet does not write prophecies and for different religions or beliefs prophecies can be displayed or predicted differently.
  • Isaiah’s Prophecy Revisited (
    So we have gone from Scripture in the Old Testament prophesying the birth of Immanuel to Scripture in the New Testament telling of the birth of Jesus.
  • The Prophetic Call (
    What is the prophetic witness? We throw the word “prophetic” around a lot in the church and some in secular movements of change.  But are we always justified in doing so.
  • Tuesday Teaching ~ Messianic Prophecy (
    Messianic Prophecy is so dramatic today, because with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the reliability of the Septuagint version of the Old Testament (both of which have been proven to exist prior to the time Jesus walked on the earth) you can be assured that these prophecies were not “conspired” after-the-fact.
    We strongly encourage you to read the Old Testament prophecies and the New Testament fulfillments on the previous page. Better yet, get a Jewish Tanakh (the Hebrew scripture read in the Jewish synagogues) and read the Messianic prophecies from there. It is dramatic, eye-opening and potentially life-changing!
  • To Prophesy or Not to Prophesy? My view. (
    I have good Christian friends who claim to have seen visions, and I see people who claim to prophesy all time, yet, I’m taught in church that prophecy has ceased. So, I decided to do some research. I think what I found, you’ll find very helpful, just like I did.
  • Apocalypse Then Pt 2b: Dogmatics of Dispensationalism (
    The two pillars of dispensationalism, which came onto the theological scene in the 19th century, are 1) a literal-predictive interpretation of prophetic promises within the bible and 2) hard lined distinction between the church and Israel.  Dispensationalism is the belief that God has split up history in seven different time periods.  According to this view, five dispensations had already occurred when Jesus arrived on the scene.
  • Some Evangelicals See Biblical Prophecy In Syrian Crises (
    some fundamentalist Christian blogs are buzzing with the belief that the escalating violence in Syria means the ancient text may soon be fulfilled. ”The long prophesied end days are here,” one blog announces. “With the terrorist groups that operate out of Damascus building up arms caches on the border of Israel in anticipation of another war in the near future, it may not be long before this prophecy from Isaiah 17 becomes history,” another group awaiting Jesus Christ’s return predicts.
  • The Haggai Prophecy: “Expansive Elements” and How To Now View the “When” of the “Fulfillment” of the Prophecy!!!
    Regardless of what is written henceforth from this day, it does not change the writings, specific prophecies, the date and the time that was declared of the original prophecy, the specific points and original points of the original prophecy, or what was presumptuously spoken on the authority of Christ as to what would happen on exactly August 30, 2013. Any changes to the original prophesies, in the opinion of this website, will simply prove the original prophesies’ false tenets and be judged against the original prophesies and what they originally said, and their results and accuracy.

  • My Encounter with a False Prophet
    It’s important as believers we do not believe everything we hear or read. I’m sure this man had great intentions. He seemed genuine. I believe that he believed what he was saying, but he was wrong. He was in error. He did not test the spirits that brought him that message.

  • Another Completely Epic Failed Prophesy – Here We Go Again!
    I have intentionally not said anything about the predictions of David Pack, leader of the Restored Church of God, in detail, partly because I don’t normally cover the splinters – “Banned” does a good enough job for all of us honestly, and partly until after the date of Elul 24 passed. Elul 24 is 100% passed. This post is about David Pack’s prediction of “The Great Unification” and his prediction of God’s supposed removal of the Splinters and the “three shepherds”

  • Did Jesus Make a False Prophesy About His Return?

    But any prophet who presumes to speak in My name an oracle that I did not command him to utter, or who speaks in the name of other gods — that prophet shall die.” And should you ask yourselves, “How can we know that the oracle was not spoken by the Lord?” — if the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord and the oracle does not come true, that oracle was not spoken by the Lord; the prophet has uttered it presumptuously: do not stand in dread of him.

  • Avoid False Teachers and Prophets

    This is an amazing image, one which we will try to spiritualize in this post.

    This shoal of fish acts as one unit.  They are highly sensitive to each other’s movements and this capability allows them to move in the same direction at the same time.

  • Prophet Owuor Is A False Prophet. We Must Not Become a False Congregation

    A friend once told someone that, ‘ni umaskini inakusumbua.’ This is true especially within the African context of prayer and revival.
    I do not understand how people can say that Sean Carter (Jay Z), the Pope in Rome, the Rothschild Family and the US Federal Reserve are all members of the Illuminati but fail to mention ‘prophets’ such as Prophet Owuor. It is simply baffling if you think critically about it.

  • Just Another False Prophet!!

    Certainly, we are living in interesting times.  As a long-time student of prophecy, I know full-well the significance of many events occurring around the world and particularly in Israel.

  • Lucis Trust’s “World of Goodwill” and the Coming New World Order of Lucifer

    The new world order is not just a political or economic system. It is a religious system, designed to enslave mankind into complete submission and worship of Lucifer.

  • When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?

    Narated By Abu Huraira :

    While the Prophet was saying something in a gathering,

    a Bedouin came and asked him,“When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?”

  • Call to the Prophet!

    We are in a series on five spiritual gifts, sometimes the office gifts from Ephesians 4:11-13.

    So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

  • A True Prophet of God

    Prophet as at this modern time has being reduced to a mere title which anyone can bear in the name of God’s calling, this has made it very difficult to distinguish between the false and true prophet because many of these so called prophet appear to be false due to many dubious activities most of them engaged in and many persons have being a victim of their false declaration and aultrances that never see the light of the day.

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