The clean sweeper of the whole caboodle

How Christian Americans found it difficult to vote

The American people of the Divided States of America have spoken. Though the world might notice that Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote, the unjust undemocratic American voting system brought the voting men and states choosing for Donald Trump yo win the presidency due to the electoral college.


For a country that prides itself on wanting to govern by the people and for the people, it sure has a strange way of showing it, by first of all not giving many chances to those who have not enough money to compete and secondly by the electoral college, making your vote being useless when not living in the right state for your political taste.

How can people find it fair when a person gets most of the votes but has no chance for receiving that post of honour?

Listening at what he said in many rallies and looking at a tweet from Donald Trump, November 6, 2012 he expressed himself finding this American system ‘bullshit’ and tweeted


Those who thought the KKK had not much to say any more in the nation where there is now a black president, should think twice and shake their cards again. From all sorts of corners a real Christian would not like to be associated with came support for the man who was known to have been bullying already from childhood. For his father having had so much problems with his boy, him even assaulting co-pupils and attacking teachers, the day Donald Trump beleaguered others with knifes his father found it high time to send him to an elite military academy. There and later in other places he also could not leave the girls on their own and kept showing his preference to blondes.

Strange than to hear from certain female bloggers that they did defend this man who could not keeps his hand on the right places. Also strange to hear so many bloggers as a Christian said to find it difficult to know who to vote for. Though as a Christian should they not have seen that Donald Trump had taken on an attitude which can not be accepted in Christian communities?

Though separation of church and state is not in the Constitution of the United States of America, it has become jurisprudence due to the Supreme Court decision of Reynolds v. United States in 1879, where the Court wrote that Jefferson’s words

“may be accepted almost as an authoritative declaration of the scope and effect of the Amendment.”

Lots of Americans like to call on their constitutional rights but forget that they themselves want to bring in laws which limits others of their rights. Going up to this election many times the right of others where insulted and the one in the running made it clear he was going to give no rip or would not care less of certain amendments or rules agreed before his presidency. He also showed very clearly how fat lot he care about the establishment and what he called the corrupt system.

Lots of Americans also think the constitution is made to protect their own religion to be the only religion allowed in the state.

Many people believe that the wall was implemented to protect the state from religious influence. The wall is indeed meant to do that, but it’s also meant to protect religion(s) from state influence. In this sense, the use of the word “wall” established a figurative barrier between the two sides so that neither can influence the other. {2}

This has allowed the people of the United States to freely practice whichever religion they choose—with the legal ability to challenge the state when those religious practices are threatened. The First Amendment having erected a wall between church and state was to protect all people, giving them freedom to believe whatever they wanted, in Gods, natural phenomena or even in nothing of the sort. {2}

Enlightenment philosophies pushed the mostly deist Founding Fathers to further the approach to the interaction between church and state. It was a revolutionary idea in the 18th century but has since become the norm in almost every Western society. The Catholic Church historically had political influence throughout Europe but has adapted to embrace the wall of separation in the modern era. {2}

People in the state should have the choice to he religious institution but also have the right to choose for a non-religious institution. As such those wanting treatment should be able to find care at an institution of their free choice and of no-religion background or of their own denominational group. But non of those institutions or clinics may push their rules on to other institutions. concerning the much debated right to change gender or to have an abortion, all should have the freedom to choose that (or not to chose for) and to go to that institution which can help them in that choice.

The misconception that the United States is a Christian nation stems from people’s belief that in a democracy, majority rules, forgetting that in a real democracy the minority is also protected and all people are given equal rights.

Concerning those equal rights Donald Trump made it clear certain people do not at all have rights in the U.S.A.. In the state of Trump there is no place at all for certain peoples and certain classes of people.

The majority of the present American citizens do forget that the United States was founded by people who were fed up with the many churches in their country aiming to have more power and oppressing the ordinary folks. Having been grind down at the European continent they looked for better pastures where they could live freely. They were not looking forwards to see again a ‘religious state’ but were aiming for a ‘secular nation’ where all could have their own opinion an their own religion. This is essentially guaranteed by the Establishment Clause, which protects the religious freedoms of its citizens while also protecting the citizens from religious influence. Because the Constitution and its Amendments are the laws upon which the government is based and are entirely secular, so, too, is the nation upon which it was founded.

All American citizens do have the duty to take care that those coming in charge are willing to keep to those constitutional ideas. Donald Trump infringed many of the ideas expressed by the founders of the nation. That way the Americans should have already know who to vote for.

Those who went voting for the 45th president of the United states should have though from which wood the candidates were made. We in Europe saw clearly one man throwing with vitriol a lot, crushing lots of people and showing no empathy at all with those around him, nor with those who did so much for the nation in the past.

At the other hand the one bullied all the time, even brought for shame in front of all the nation, stayed humble and decent, not wanting to show the mirror image of her attacker. Also after that man of lots of wind, who never presented a clear plan for his term, got nominated to become the next president, she stayed a worthy competitor, being kind, gracious, and accepting what the people had gone for, put the greater good of the nation before her own personal feelings. Hillary Clinton congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of their country in the hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans. {3}

Belgium has her Madam ‘Non’ (‘Nee/Nay/No), the U.S.A. has her party ‘No’. An incredible president who really wanted the best for all Americans had to face a big wall of adverse wind. The Republicans never had the intention to allow Obama to stay on for the full term let stand take an second term. Trump was not the only one to sit with his heavy load on the back of Obama.  In 2012, Mitt Romney lead the charge to displace President Obama and failed. Republican leaders had the gall to say the Country had not given the President a mandate and offered as proof the number of Congressional Republican members. {4}

Strangely enough the present Republican next president had so many things which were not in agreement with lots of Republican leaders. Some of his proposals also contain many actions which elements of the GOP are dead against and as such as president he perhaps also shall have to face similar objections as his predecessor, facing an obstinate Congress and for them bi-partisanship will be one challenge too far. {4}

In Europe there are many who now say the world has not yet to worry too much, because things are never as black as they seem to look. Trump haven never given an indication he has a good strategic vision, should better be viewed more as an opportunist, who perhaps did not want to become the president, so got surprised himself, but then would not stay on for a long time, giving it into the hands of his vice-President Pence after a year or two.

Trump has jungle instincts and knows they work especially well when the opponent is playing by a traditional, more moderate set of rules and behaviors. The Donald will avoid discussions of policy easily by making one outrageous, slanderous claim against his opponent after another. The news media will, as Pavlov predicted, react to the slander and overlook the substance. {The Donald Trump Risk}

The media played the dirty role in trying to set up the candidates against each other and by not showing the public where the bullying person was more lying or distorting the truth than his opponent who did not as such a criminal act but did more something stupid.

Christians should have seen that, should have made the balance of what could be considered right or wrong, and should have seen who was the person who went in against most rules of God.

The people were craving, hungry in the desert, the politicians had left them bewildered by measures they could not comprehend. Many felt abandoned by the political establishment and here they had foudn the “anti-establishment” vedette, the champion who bring change they so yearn for.
Several found neither is the right person for being in charge of the nation but found it best to choose for what they call

“choosing between the lesser of two evils”

There are even people who choose for Donald Trump because he is such a media figure, a soap character and so ridiculous one can not take him serious, because its almost laughable. But they knew, or trust, that others will take control and guide him through. Though they forget Trump is not such a character to listen to others and to have others telling him to do what.

Christian voters should have noticed how this man was totally unstable and had a complete lack of self-awareness and inability to open his mouth without gravely insulting huge groups of people. Getting some one on top of a nation representing its citizens would not be ideal, and certainly would not be representative for Christendom.

It looks like lots of people where so scared of an experience full-blood politician that they preferred electing a hotheaded tyrant. The thoroughbred mare was not going to bring them enough surprises but with the shrewd sharp hand dodger they could get a revolt in the political saturated matter. The man of of hate and bigotry would make clean sweep of the whole caboodle. People had enough of the motley crew and could only find a new strong brush in Trump.

not a Christian based website, however, it is an opinion based site

Blake Mitchamore and Shane Shoemaker who bring “The Weekly BS” look at

what seemed like a distant, punchline to a joke, is now an upclose, dramatic reality. {As a Christian, voting wasn’t easy}

As a white person living in a strong conservative state like Tennessee the writer SShoemaker24 considers herself/himself a devout Christian and that Trump was a no-brainer for a vote from her/him.

Though she or he only having voted once before had to make the toughest decision.

For that writer

“clean” and “moral” can’t actually be defined any longer if they are constantly changing. In other words, what is actually good any longer and what is actually bad?

Though were can be the problem for a real Christian? Should he or she, not know the Bible and know what the Will of God is? should that person not be guided by the Bible and try to live according to the Will of God?

When reading regularly in the Holy Scriptures a person comes to know what is needed to live according to the will of God. But not only that, a person when reading the Bible thoroughly comes to know very well the difference between ‘Good‘ and ‘bad‘. So when having to do good or bad he or she should know what to choose, and when having to choose between good and bad, choices should be not to difficult either. In all cases common sense should be used.

For the world it is naturally not so easy because the world has separated itself so far from the Divine Creator and from the principles of God’s Word, that as conceited sordid alienated they do not seem to see the difference between the light and the darkness.

Faith has been shifted to other matters.

We put our faith in so many things with the hope of either a constant or a change from the smallest things in our lives to the largest ones. It’s as small as having faith that our car will start to take us to work and getting us there safely to as it is as large as thinking our new leader will “Make America Great Again.” {As a Christian, voting wasn’t easy}

A big problem with society today is that many people do not keep politics and religion separate and secondly think that all others should comply with their religion. Dangerous it becomes when they do not allow other religions to be in their surroundings. More dangerous it becomes when they do not have an open mind for other thinking people and want to blacken other religions, no matter the reality. As such many Americans have found the Islamic Faith to be the scapegoat for all the problems in the world. Lots of them even do not want to see that ISIS or ISIL has nothing to do with real Muslim faith.

An other problem is that many Americans have made Jesus into their god, but do not really listen to his words and do not follow up his teachings. They are so caught up by the false teachings of their denomination and the blaming, fearmongering and  warmongering against Muslims, that they do not see the reality. Trump made handy use of that ongoing fear and put some more oil on the fire. Doing that he also created an extra platform for negativism and for an intolerable attitude against Muslims.

Lots of Americans, who say they are Christian, wanted to be themselves the judge of others and forget that only to the son of God, Jesus Christ is given the authority by God to take place on the established throne for justice, to judge the living and the dead plus to judge the world with righteousness; to judge the people with uprightness.

Man seems not prepared to leave the judgement in the hands of the only begotten beloved son of God. They want to hasten everything. Some thought perhaps by voting for Trump they could bring the third World War closer, and as such would bring the return of Christ sooner to mankind. Though they forget everything comes in God’s Time.

John Ellis from ‘A day in his court‘ rightly remarks

I understand the temptation to look to men and systems of this world for salvation. The allure of relying on the might of men will always be there until King Jesus returns to usher God’s children into the final rest. But the presence of the temptation does not excuse the lack of faith in my great King and Savior that I display to the world whenever I allow earthly concerns and fears to drown out my witness of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. {Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump}

Strangely enough many Christians voted for the one who raged as a devil. Would they ask the devil to come into their house and to bring order in their house? why the wanted to have this man with such unchristian attitude to bring order in their state?

Many have fallen for the trap of their own church which has given away much ground in the Americans their collective hearts to fear. {8}

Being forced to the very edge of the public square is frightening for those of us who have become accustomed to being one of the loudest voices in the din of America’s multiculturalism. Instead of responding in faith and turning our eyes fully to Jesus, we have continued to demonstrate to our unbelieving neighbors that our trust is in concepts like conservative political ideology and American exceptionalism. {Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump}

The last few months we and our community, not only got in loads of e-mails, calling us names and saying we would burn in hell and people expressing their fear America has gone to hell as well. But this man who dares to say what he thinks would solve their problems and get rid of people like us, or would make sure we can not enter the United States of America. But also Americans seem to have received such alarming messages. When we read the following it should make us to think.

The amount of racist, misogynistic, and mean-spirited comments and memes from professing Christians that have not only sullied my own Facebook newsfeed but the internet as a whole is shameful. {Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump}

We also admit lots of those heavy reactions are fed by the fear spread by their pastors and by the media. But now with the election outcome for many the fear is not gone.

Whether you believe that their fear is justified or not, there are many people in this country who are frightened because of the election’s outcome. They are hurting; their own salvation has been ripped from them, and, from their perspective, they are facing an immediate future of uncertainty. Instead of taking the opportunity to demonstrate love and grace by extending the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it appears that American Christians are instead kicking mud in the face of their vanquished foes. If this applies to you, fellow Christian, shame on you! {Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump}

In Europe we do hear of several demonstrations and get pictures of such actions against Donald Trump where we can see people who lowered themselves to the same level as Donald Trump, though luckily we also saw others who did not so and hold a wake and sang in front of the White House.

Those Americans who say they are Christian should know it is not God Who makes the governments. It are people who chose their governments and as such decide a lot for their own life and future.

1ovzjwd1g7d0h7tar9tvcdwAt the moment we can see protesters, mainly young people, who say a Trump presidency would create deep divisions along racial and gender lines, but in many cities we notice such protesters create a negative spiral and even throw in shop- and car-windows and damage good of people which have nothing to do with it. Some demonstrators are seen carrying bats and arming themselves with rocks, giving us the impression they are more in ‘for a good fight’. In several places we saw youngsters throwing with all sorts of goods (rocks, dustbins) at the police, who responded with pepper spray and rubber baton rounds.

Mr Trump criticised the protesters after his meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House.

Rudy Giuliani by Gage Skidmore.jpg

Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani American lawyer, businessman, former politician, and public speaker from New York.

Senior Trump adviser and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani called protesters on college campuses “a bunch of spoiled cry-babies” on Fox News.

Naturally we do have to understand that such actions are signs of a healthy, functioning democracy. with it we and the American public also have to notice that they also convey an extremely important message:

elections have consequences, and voting is the way to produce the consequences you favour.

Those who did not go out to vote should now bear the consequences of their passive position. they also should look at the community in which they live and to which they themselves could contribute.

Did they train their children in the way they should go? Did they give enough backing and biblical doctrine? Did they themselves want to prepare their own children and did they teach them to pursue righteousness, to walk humbly and not to think of themselves more highly than others?

There are perhaps too many in the States who think they cannot protect against evil intentions (like Deep Waters expresses). The outcome of the 2016 presidential election shows the result of a big fearing American people. Nobody can neglect how there is tremendous fear, vicarious trauma, and a sense of hopelessness lurking by the general American citizen. It looks like they feel they have come to live in a corrupt system (dixit Trump) where politicians do not listen any more to the people. that is why we could see such an ‘anti)vote’ rejecting the establishment.

Now the politicians should learn their lesson and people in charge should come to take measures to bring back stability and hope for the future. The uncertainty people are confronted with has to be taken away. By tackling the infrastructure, giving people work, giving them some positive prospects, and by mending the wounds which are made by the awful sayings up to the election.

Christians shall have to come out of their houses and get in contact with minorities and with those of other faith. They should question again “What Would Jesus Do?” and should try to take the same attitude as Christ Jesus took some two thousand years ago.

With the Republicans now holding a majority in both chambers of the US Congress, Mr Trump can more easily target key Obama initiatives such as his healthcare reforms. Christian Americans should demand that all Americans become united in solidarity with those who have less money, less opportunities, who are sick or disabled. As Christians they have to help the weaker ones of society and have to come up for them. Christians do have to speak up for those who have no voice. They should not forget that. Not willing to contribute to the weaker ones testifies reluctance to carry to the welfare of others, such obstinacy against systems to cover and help many, like Obama Care, proves that they have not yet learned enough what the Christian attitude of sharing and helping each other has to be. From this site of the Atlantic Ocean we do have the impression lots of Americans, calling themselves Christian, still have to learn what that really means.

demonstrators in Eugene, Oregon

All over America demonstrations were held, also in smaller cities such as Eugene in Oregon


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